As part of Shinedown, rockers Brent Smith and Zach Myers have created six studio albums, earned 14 RIAA-certified singles, accrued 2.7 billion streams, sold 10 million records, and even ranked #1 on Billboard’s Greatest of All Time Mainstream Rock Artists chart. Over the past six years, they’ve even branched out to create the duo Smith & Myers, and they recently created a music video for “Bad at Love,” a fan-favorite track from their 2020 album Smith & Myers Volume 2

Directed by DJay Brawner, the clip takes place at a drive-in movie where the audience reflects on their own romantic experiences. Misadventures play on the screen and you’re led to believe the relationships are well over, but the sweet ending reveals that all the couples wound up together:

The video notably uses a new mix of “Bad at Love,” dubbed the “2021 Mix,” to appeal to expansive audiences while giving longtime fans an alternate version to enjoy. The track has been hitting Hot AC radio across the country, giving Smith & Myers a whole new reach.

“When we were making the record, the song had almost an Americana vibe,” Smith explains. “But we had an idea of changing the mix and presenting it in a different, more modern way for 2021.”

Myers elaborates, “Lyrically, Brent was writing about things in his life that maybe we wouldn’t really touch on with Shinedown, and I think ‘Bad at Love’ came out to be an incredibly naked and honest song. If you’re bad at love, just realize that it’s okay. It only makes you better.”

You can find both versions of “Bad at Love” on your favorite streaming services now, and connect with Smith & Myers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website!

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