Rarin comes out swinging with Toxic Ends, his debut mixtape that features nine high-energy tracks, including prerelease singles “SO WHAT!,” “Toxic Ends,” and “Big Spendin’.” Perfect for fans of artists like 24KGoldn and The Kid Laroi, it’s almost guaranteed that Rarin will be the next big alt hip-hop act to take over your playlist.

“I think we’re all destined for something greater than our expectations,” Rarin shares. “We just have to let go of what’s holding us back. This project is mainly about letting go of our ‘toxic ends.’ People are tempted to commit themselves to things they cannot obtain, especially in relationships, leading their emotions to consume them. Just because you want something, doesn’t mean you need it.”

The title track, which is also the mixtape’s opener, explores this idea while addressing the dangers of negative thought patterns. It recently hit one million Spotify streams and its music video has already racked up over 325,000 views. 

The first half of the project addresses some of the “toxic ends” Rarin faces, touching on an unhealthy relationship on “Love Fix” and candidly admitting “I been hurting” on “Ashes.” The latter track transitions from an 8-bit intro into a darker drop that segues into the energetic “Had Enough,” where he lets his frustrations out and wants to find his freedom: “Fed up from all of these chains, I’ve had enough.”

“Had Enough” is the perfect segue into “SO WHAT!,” the anthemic single featuring BrxkenBxy that talks about shaking things off to focus on the bigger picture and pursue new opportunities: in Rarin’s case, his career and viral success. His fans have already resonated with this track so much that it collected over 900,000 streams before the mixtape came out! From here, the project begins to lighten up and feels more hopeful about breaking off from the “toxic ends.”

Tracks 6-8 take on a more chill, summer-infused vibe while becoming more experimental than the earlier songs: “Skipping Stones” integrates an acoustic guitar and “Cash Out,” featuring Darius King, merges piano with trap beats, while “2 Seater” is a feel-good anthem perfect for rides with the windows down. While closer “Big Spendin’” may seem like a standard braggadocious rap track, its true focus is on being the best version of yourself, ending the project on an optimistic note.

Born to two Bulgarian immigrants, Rarin studied classical piano for eight years before realizing his interest in rap in middle school. He started making music for fun then found viral success with “GTA” and “YESSIR!,” drawing from inspirations like Billie Eilish, Lil Peep, and Travis Scott. And if Toxic Ends is any indication, Rarin will have more than enough success to support his “Big Spendin’.” 

You can find Toxic Ends on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know Rarin on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and his official Discord server!

(c) Marcello Peschiera

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