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Because White American privilege is coming to an end. You can blame Trump. Today he announced that he’s suing social media networks and their respective CEOs for illegal “censorship” while he was in office. Google is apart of it too.

Critical Race Theory is the ideology that Black Americans suffer more than their white countrymen due to race-based inaccuracies edged into our democratic institutions. Trump came against then candidate for President Barack Obama, when he started the birtherism rumor that Obama was not a U.S. Citizen. Isn’t that racist?

Racial tensions rule America without a doubt with Black Lives Matter movements as well as what has happened here on January 6th. Predominantly white nationalists stormed the United States Capitol in order to stop the certification of an election. The conversations that day were, “what if it had been Black/Brown Americans, it would have been a blood bath….”, so when we think about race in America critically, everyone should be discussing it at their lunchroom tables.

Our educational leadership needs to change and they are. Big props to fellow Black journalists and educators, Nikole and Ta-Neishi who will be joining the faculty at Howard University.

In total, CRT (critical race theory) is nothing but a talking point, like “lock her up”, btw we have an update for Ghislaine Maxwell.

Black Americans are the ones who know what it is to have their skin color used against them in a society many were born into. The future of this country looks very bright.

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