Zachary Knowles Embodies the Isolation of Hit “stranger to me” in New Music Video

Zachary Knowles discusses the universal experience of losing someone on “stranger to me,” an acoustic pop track brimming with honesty and evocative lyrics. This week, he dropped a scenic music video that mirrors the song’s sentiments of feeling lonely and distanced from someone.

“Building up to this album I knew that I really wanted to shoot something with a crazy landscape,” Knowles shares. “I was also in love with [producer TJ Hoover and director Jonah George’s] overall direction for the video. I grew up going on vacations to the mountains, so to be able to shoot a music video in them, for a song of mine, was and still is really special for me. Fun fact: it was, like, 40-something degrees when we were filming, so if I look cold it’s because I was indeed cold.”

“stranger to me” is the latest offering from Knowles’ debut album, tendency to be a loner, out August 6th with FADER Label. He describes the project as a “flow of [his] emotions,” and “stranger to me” is the perfect precursor to showcase that.

Knowles explains, “It’s weird how you can spend every day with someone, get super close, feel like the relationship will last forever, and then drift apart and become strangers to each other like nothing ever happened. I think sometimes relationships aren’t meant to be forever, which is totally fine in my opinion. It just seems like sometimes people are put in your life for a season and then they’re gone. We should enjoy them while they’re here.”

He shared a look into the making of the song on his TikTok:

The Texas native has adored music since first grade, when his parents bought him a light-up keyboard to learn piano. He soon started writing his own music and released his debut EP in college, drawing from influences like Justin Bieber, Post Malone, and John Mayer. 

“I just wanna reach people,” Knowles says. “My whole dream at the start of this was to build relationships, whether it’s with one person or a hundred people. Personal connections to others are so important. Music is a really cool way to express yourself in a real way and talk about real-life things, rather than what others want to hear.”

You can check out “stranger to me” on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know Zachary Knowles on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter!

(c) Stefan Kohli

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