Delta variant now dominant coronavirus strain in New Jersey - ABC7 New York

While vaccinations are being distributed against the regular coronavirus, further precaution must be taken against the Delta Variant of the virus. Such was the case at a Summer pool party last week when 7 Healthcare workers had spread the Delta Variant of the virus, all of whom were fully vaccinated.

Health District Representative Stephanie Bethel confirmed that the COVID-19 vaccination was property administered-eight were fully vaccinated, two had received one dose, and one was unvaccinated. However, it is unclear which exact vaccine was adminidtered.

Furthermore, Sunrise Hospital executive Todd P. Sklamburg reports that “11 other health workers got symptoms similar to allergies or the common cold and chose to get tested. They then self-isolated, and didn’t spread the virus to anyone else” This all occured at a Las Vegas pool party, though the specific address remains annonymous.

The Delta variant of the virus is now stronger than ever, infecting over 80% of Americans across the country. It is difficult to provide an exact number as the CDC has not cracked down on these cases. Assistant Health Professor Brian Labus describes the virus as car seatbelts: “Just because there’s the occasional death of somebody who is wearing the seat belt when the car crash occurs doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear a seat belt. It’s going to protect most people for the most part”.

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