An entrepreneur since age 12, Sean Raven, otherwise known as the rapper Lil Litty, is no stranger to ambition and innovation. Inspired by online entrepreneurial efforts and the likes of business men musicians such as Jay-Z, Lil Litty now holds a slew of rap singles and a clothing line to his name. With his brand Lemonade Millionaire he finds himself CEO of these pursuits at just 18.

“I just didn’t want to be like everybody else.” Raven explains, “I wanted to stand out. Jay-Z brought me a lot of influence…I like lemonade, clothes, music, so I just thought of a way to combine these things into a brand.” With his mother, seamstress Lilian Raven, he designs and produces everything from ski masks to t-shirts, all to create his unique image beyond that of the music scene.

Cover Art for Lil Litty’s “LA Drill”

Raven finds a similar desire for individuality and diversity in his music as well. “Again, I just want to be different.” He begins, “Like, I don’t want you to just expect what I’m going to drop, you know, or the type of sound it’ll have.” Citing his latest single “LA Drill”, Raven explains how he is at the frontlines of bringing Drill Music to the LA Scene.

Music Video for LA Drill

“You know, there’s New York or UK Drill, but no one’s really doing that out in LA. It’s not just new for me but LA also.” Raven continues. “LA Drill” although still trademarked by Raven’s distinct sound and vocals, is a change in tune from his prior music, such as the “more melodic” single “Paint”, or his classic rap single “No Cap”.

“Paint” Music Video

“LA Drill” is specifically made with the drill musical genre in mind. As Raven explains, “Drills like…it’s the beat mainly. It’s not just about how you flow on it. (Drill songs) all have that distinctive sound, it’s hard to explain but you know when you hear a drill beat.”

“When people think about the LA drill scene, they’re going to think about me.” Raven states, “2021 and 2022, more big things are coming. More fire clothes, music, music videos, just more everything.”

Check out our full conversation with Lil Litty below!

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