7 Standout Pop Songs That May Have Gone Under Your Radar This July

There are quite a few mainstream options for this year’s Song of the Summer, but there are tons of breakthrough pop and indie artists throwing their best efforts into the ring. Here are seven fun new tracks you might’ve missed this month!

Elephante – “Holy Ghosts”

Combining aspects of pop, electronic, and alternative, Elephante follows up his recent single “High Water” with “Holy Ghosts,” a chilling track about his lockdown experience in Los Angeles. “I frequently found myself daydreaming about how great things were in the past: touring, seeing friends, even just being around people,” Elephante shares. “Even when I’d try to move on and accept the current state of the world, I felt like I was being haunted by these memories.” Connect with Elephante on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Flora Cash – “Chronically Beautiful”

Flora Cash’s new acoustic-tinged single is a sweet ode to a lover they always dreamed of having, putting a light-hearted twist on the usually tragic word “chronically.”  The Swedish-American duo describes beauty as more than an “acute, momentary perception” – it’s a feeling of love and light that persists no matter what someone looks like, and the track captures that breezy essence perfectly. You can get to know Flora Cash on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website!

Jacqueline Loor – “I’m Done With You”

Jacqueline Loor’s upcoming album, Show Them, draws inspiration from her twin sister’s experience in an unhealthy relationship, and the eerie “I’m Done With You” is like the project’s thesis statement. It describes the tipping point where a woman decides to leave this toxic situation and recognizes her own strength over an immersive instrumental reminiscent of dark pop artists like BANKS. Connect with Jaqueline Loors on Facebook, Instagram, and her official site!

Jenna Kyle – “Ojos”

Los Angeles act Jenna Kyle is proud to say “Ojos” is the first song she wrote and produced on her own. The bouncy, yet ominous, track combines English verses with a chorus in Spanish, highlighting her versatility as an artist – as she puts it, the track “feels like an opening of sound and mind as a direct result of the freedom from self-imposed language constraints, and deepening [her] skills as a producer.” Learn more about Jenna Kyle on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her official website!

The Keystones – “Time Will Tell”

The Keystones deliver fun synth-pop accented with electric guitar, and “Time Will Tell” shows off this duality by breaking down both self-doubt and hope for the future. Citing artists like Royal Blood and Catfish & the Bottlemen, the Wisconsin band provides a perfect soundtrack for anyone finding themselves this summer. Get to know The Keystones on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their website!

Molly Moore – “Do They?”

“Do They?” is the latest R&B-influenced track from Molly Moore, a singer-songwriter with notable credits writing for k-pop titans EXO, actress and singer Lea Michele, and popstar Jesse McCartney. While she’s explored love in her music before, “Do They?” offers a fresh perspective as Moore falls for someone who is in an open relationship, prompting her to evaluate her own views of love and her sense of self. Connect with Molly Moore on Facebook, Instagram, and her official website!

Onsen – “Already Gone”

A standout track from Onsen’s recent Keeper album, “Already Gone” is a soft synth-pop track about a relationship coming to an end that rounds out the project while tying together its themes of love, loss, and finding yourself. Onsen explains, “[The song is] to all the ones I’ve loved (or desired) and lost. Assemble them together and let me sing this to them. While some of the lines are specific, it’s an accumulation or composite of who I’ve been with. The outro is sung equally to myself as to those lovers past.” Keep up with Onsen on Facebook and Instagram!

2 responses to “7 Standout Pop Songs That May Have Gone Under Your Radar This July”

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