Kiana Ledé and Kehlani Find Unexpected Love at a House Party in Vibrant “Ur Best Friend” Music Video

Kiana Ledé has only put out one full album and she’s already checking a “dream collab” off her list thanks to the sultry “Ur Best Friend,” a joint effort with Kehlani that draws from 2000s R&B. The first taste of Kiana’s yet-to-be-titled sophomore project has already collected over two million Spotify streams, and it’s bound to go further thanks to a flashy new music video!

Directed by Kehlani herself alongside Gabriel Phoenix, the music video details two women falling in love with each other: one with a boyfriend, and one who’s friends with said boyfriend. They try to hide their romance from the man, played by fellow musician Vic Mensa, but it’s clear from the start of the video that something’s up. Even at the boyfriend’s birthday party, Kiana seems distant and locks eyes with Kehlani across the room, and it later reveals they send each other flirty texts before they sneak off together.

Already surpassing a million views, the clip highlights the differences between Kiana’s relationship with Vic’s character and her relationship with Kehlani’s character by contrasting ordinary lighting and scenery with colorful lights, plants, and crystals. It starts off subtly – purple hues at the party, vines in Kehlani’s car, and a crystal by Kiana’s bathtub – before erupting into a full garden as the lovers meet up.

the idea behind the “fantasy world” was to express everytime Kiana & I connected, our connection literally GREW and eventually became an entire world of our own once we finally connected. peep the fantasy elements & lights change everytime we connected!

Kehlani via Twitter

You can find “Ur Best Friend” on your favorite streaming services now! Get to know Kiana Ledé on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and her official website, and learn more about Kehlani on her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and website.

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