Some questions need not be asked.

Keep wondering.

The mystery may be more than the knowing.

Some tales need not be told.

Stick to silence.

The unspoken may be more powerful left unsaid.

Some thoughts need not be dwelt upon.

Release them.

Your chains might be broken, your burden lightened.

Some journeys need not be taken.

Stay home.

The journey within may take you to the Plains of Ecstasy.

Some hills need not be climbed.

Abide in the valley

until you know all there is to be known there.

Some events need not be recorded.

Let them be

lest some make suppositions that are far from truth.

Some seeds need not be sown.

Seal them in a pouch.

The fruit they yield may be a bitter poison.

Some steed need not be saddled.

Keep their backs bare.

There are far too many broken spirits already in the world.

Some rules need not be kept.

Smash them to smithereens!

See how the shards shine in new light?!

Some hearts need not be won.

Let your pining go,

lest the winning become your losing.

Dreams are to be dreamed.

Songs are to be sung.

Hands are to be held.

Bells are to be rung.

Breath is to be taken.

Foundations are to be shaken.

Time is to be cherished.

Love is to be relished.

Praise is to be raised,

hearts be ablaze,

goodness tended,

wounds mended.

A stich in time,

a sip of wine,

a penny saved,

a heart made brave.

A soul laid bare,

if you dare.

An open heart

a river starts.

The river flows

and where it goes

kindness grows

as does a rose.

Can love be lost?

Can love be found?

Can life be lived

in the round?

Nothing ventured,

something lost.

Play it safe,

bear the cost.

Open chested,


courage tested,


Sing the song

that’s from your soul.

Every part

makes up the whole.

Union then.

Union now.

Union comes.

Do not ask, “How?”

In the being

we shall be,

for now

and for eternity.

Originally published in Oxford, Mississippi’s “The Local Voice” (

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