The Happy Fits Give a Double-Dose of Fun with “Another Try” and “Cold Turkey”

The Happy Fits encourage individuality and hope in a challenging world on “Another Try,” a nostalgic rock track that feels like the soundtrack to a fun night with friends. Comprised of vocalist and bassist Calvin Langman, vocalist and guitarist Ross Monteith, and drummer Luke Davis, the group stands out for their playful camaraderie and cheerful sound, which will get you dancing even on your toughest days. 

“Another Try” is their first single of 2021 following their 2020 sophomore album, What Could Be Better. The song premiered on SiriusXM’s Advanced Placement and comes accompanied by a vibrant, pop art-inspired visualizer by Alexis Kitchmire and Liza Farrell.

“The song, to me, feels like a goodbye to the negativity and hardships that we have all gone through in the past year,” Monteith shares.

Alongside “Another Try,” The Happy Fits also released b-side “Cold Turkey,” a heavier offering about the aftermath of a breakup with ironically playful lyrics mentioning Chinese food. Fans have compared it to their earlier song “Dirty Imbecile,” which appeared on 2016’s Awfully Apeelin’ EP.

The band celebrated the releases with an intimate livestream concert, where they played the new songs along with previous favorites for hundreds of fans. Even with a jam-packed setlist and fast-paced viewer chat, the connection between the band members and their listeners was one of the highlights of the evening. Inside jokes between fans, the group playing requested songs, and a quick fanmail segment emphasized what The Happy Fits is all about: connection, unity, and a good dose of fun along the way.

You can find “Another Try” and “Cold Turkey” on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know The Happy Fits on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and their official website!

(c) Rahil Ahsruff

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