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Despite humble claims that he is not ‘musically inclined’, Noah Singer has already found great success with his early releases. Whilst currently en-route to becoming a lawyer, Singer has always been passionate about music, first beginning in community theatre.

“I Came from a pretty musically inclined family…I’ve been doing musical theatre since I was six years old.” Singer began. “Then I went to middle school for vocals and for theatre…singing’s always been a big part of my life but I never thought I’d be writing stuff and releasing it like I am now. Yeah, it was really my family who first stemmed my interest in music and then it just grew as I kept getting older.”

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Despite his theatre roots, Singer was driven towards a more contemporary, mainstream sound that his vocals were more suited towards. “My first big role was Troy in High School Musical which is much more poppy rather than broadway…and I always really loved those types of shows…although I’ve always loved musical theatre that wasn’t necessarily my favorite style of music.” Singer explained, citing the likes of James Blunt and Three Doors Down as more succinct inspiration towards his sound.

Photo Credit: Julie Bailey (@julesgetsgroovy)

Singer found the collaborative process of making music was instrumental in discovering the acoustic, ‘low fi’ sound that has defined his releases thus far. “The low fi really comes from finding a really great producer, J Grooves. He’s someone I’ve worked with a few times and he uses a really great electric guitar and piano…the second I heard those I was really intrigued and drawn to that style.” stated Singer. “My biggest thing was I never wanted to be limited by genre or sound…I’m really just trying to branch into the different types and I wouldn’t be surprised if you heard a broadway type song eventually come out.”

Cover Art for ‘Sunrise’

Like his breakout hit ‘Journey’, ‘Sunrise’ was conceived from Singer’s personal experiences. “A lot of my ideas just come from a spur of the moment thing, like ‘Sunrise’, I had just gotten into a fight with my girlfriend…it’s a spur of the moment thing like that, that gives you inspiration.” Singer continued, “I think (the writing process) will change and fluctuate just as I have more resources to musically supplement the (songs) with…I just want listeners to be able to interpret it however it fits to their own personal experiences.”

Photo Credit: Julie Bailey (@julesgetsgroovy)

A year out now from his breakout album Journey amassing over 200,000 streams, Singer finds ‘Sunrise’ shares many similar elements with his older work, whilst also representing something new for the future. “In ‘Sunrise’ I think you’ll get a lot of that low-fi groove that you got in ‘Journey’ and a lot of those same elements.” Singer began, “I think the difference is just…they just represent completely different states of minds, and when it comes to music-wise, it’s broken up in a bit of a different way.”

“In Journey, I was more just trying to story write instead of worrying to much about musical placements…Here you have more of the actual song structure…I don’t know, they’re definitely two different songs but the sound is similar and that’s probably because of the success I had with (‘Journey’ the song) specifically.” Singer explained.

Photo Credit: Julie Bailey (@julesgetsgroovy)

“I think the music itself is just really easy to listen to.” Singer stated when remarking on his prior album and new single. “With these songs, it’s a very personalized thing…I think the relatable subject matter coupled with just being extraordinarily lucky has helped me get it out there.”

“I have ten other pieces that I’m working on right now…with me I hope people can be understanding that my work sometimes comes out a little slower.” Singer stated, “There’s definitely stuff to look forward too…I’m really excited for people to just hear being a thousand percent authentic and just coming from me…Like I said earlier, I’m not really limiting myself to a style and genre…whatever comes out of me, that’s what I’ll release.”

Sunrise is out now! Stream it below.

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