Single Girl, Married Girl Chase Dreams on Folksy New Track “Looking”

Single Girl, Married Girl describe a touching story of a young woman searching for her destiny and pursuing her dreams on “Looking,” the first taste of the group’s upcoming album, Three Generations of Leaving. The project follows three related women’s experiences throughout their lives: a 1950s housewife, her daughter finding herself in the 1960s, and her daughter’s daughter navigating her identity in a modern digital world.

Drawing from the likes of Brandi Carlile and Joan Baez, Single Girl, Married Girl stand out with charming tales and warm instrumentals that will sweep you right into their fictional dreamland. The group consists of frontwoman and banjo player Chelsey Coy, songwriter (and Coy’s husband) Gary Knight, guitarist Charlie Rauh, drummer Oskar Haggdahl, upright bassist John Gray, and backing vocalist Shannon Soderlund.

“During the pandemic we were dealing with our own personal tragedies, and sitting on all these heavy, emotional songs,” Gary Knight shares. “It was oddly comforting to have them, but it really underscored all this trauma we were going through. It was like we had written the perfect soundtrack for ourselves. Finally getting to share the music after such an eventful period in our lives represents a bigger release than we would’ve anticipated when we wrote it.”

One of these tragedies was Knight’s thyroid diagnosis, which came the day before the group finished recording the project, and the death of his brother by an overdose months later – his brother’s addiction inspired the Three Generations of Leaving track “The Flood.” With the uncertainties of life, which the upcoming album addresses in an elegant manner, and unpredictable tragedy seemingly always around the corner, listeners can be sure of one thing: Single Girl, Married Girl will pour their hearts, minds, and souls into their work, no matter how difficult it may be.

You can find “Looking” on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know Single Girl, Married Girl on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

(c) Anna Azarov

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