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Watch: Hedgehog rescued from parking lot drain -

In East Sussex, England, spectators witnessed in bewilderment and astonishment as they reported a unique call to the The Wildlife Rescue and Animal Service-a hedgehog could be seen head-first trapped in a parking lot drain! They arrived in a half-hour and set the critter free in approximately one minute, bringing the critter to the lab before releasing it to the wild.

This occurred on August 17 when workers noticed a blockage in the sewer line. According to The Wildlife Rescue and Animal Service, the drain where the hedgehog was trapped “was composed of concrete blocks that run horizontally across the parking lot with a small slit designed to allow water to drain during heavy drains”. It’s method of entrance, however, remains unknown.

In addition to The Wildlife Rescue and Animal Service, it also took about 20 firefighters to free the hedgehog, using similar equipment used to free trapped passengers from wrecked cars and accidents, according to reports.

Officials stated that the hedgehog will be taken to laboratories “to ensure it doesn’t have any health issues before releasing it into the wild”. Due to the heavy rainfall occurring this summer, we can understand the overuse of drains, especially in parking lots. However, we only hope the best for this poor hedgehog.

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