Drinking Excess Coffee Weakens Bones and Muscles, Study Finds

The Complete Guide to Caffeine and Osteoporosis

While the caffeine found in coffee has numerous positive effects on the body, research by the British Journal of Pharmacology has found deficits in excess consumption of the substance. High doses of caffeine was found to lead to an increased rate of osteoporosis (loss of muscle tissue in the body)

In an experiment where 24 participants chewed caffeinated gum and 24 participants chewed non-caffeinated gum, those who had caffeine exposed to the body were reported to “produce a 77% increase of calcium in their urine samples”. The calcium found in the kidneys indicate that the body is eliminating more nutrients than it consumes which, in turn, can lead to osteoporosis.

The FDA recommends consuming 400 MG of caffeine as a “safe amount”. However, they note that “caffeine can never replace natural drinks such as water or even energy drinks”. For those who consume over 400 MG of caffeine (about 5 cups of coffee), the FDA recommends consuming calcium and Vitamin D to lower the risk of osteoporosis and kidney stones.

“When consumed in moderation, the effect of caffeine is fairly modest,” says dietitian and nutritional counselor Kristin Gillespie. “Ideally, this would come from your diet, but if you struggle with getting adequate amounts, consider incorporating a supplement. Also, exercising regularly is a vital part of bone health, so that can balance out higher amounts of caffeine.”

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