Grace Blue Makes Her MGW Records Debut with Alluring “IDGAF”

Grace Blue touches on guitar-tinged loneliness with her new dark pop track “IDGAF,” which is destined to become a mainstay on alternative and breakup playlists everywhere. It’s mysterious yet forward, showcasing her independence and refusal to relinquish her perspective.

“‘IDGAF’ was written about how low loneliness can bring you,” Blue explains. “It’s about a time in my life that I preferred being involved with somebody just for the sake of having somebody and feeling something, even if that meant hurting myself. So many people choose toxic friendships and relationships over being alone, but it’s hard to admit since loneliness feels like such a taboo subject to share.”

“IDGAF” is the Israeli-born songstress’ first release with MGW Records, who she signed with earlier this year. Label founder Scott Waldman shares, “Grace is a force and hustles harder than most artists I’ve met. I am honored that she is on MGW Records and I can’t wait for the world to hear ‘IDGAF’. Play it loud.”

You can find “IDGAF” on your favorite streaming services now, and follow Grace Blue on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on her next releases!

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 12.04.38 PM
Photo via Earshot Media.

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