K-Pop group NCT 127 recently unveiled their highly-anticipated third album, the energetic Sticker, complete with eleven new songs and clocking in at just under forty minutes. The project has already collected over 13 million Spotify streams and topped South Korea’s Gaon album sales chart. I asked NCT’s fanbase, known as NCTzens, what their favorite tracks were, and these five songs were the most popular responses! 

5. “Focus”

One of NCT’s most slick pop songs to date, “Focus” describes the beginning stages of a relationship with playful lyrics and water metaphors that liken the members’ feelings to powerful waves. Rap verses from Taeyong, Johnny, and Mark offer a slight edge and a nice contrast to the airy verses.

4. “The Rainy Night”

“The Rainy Night” is a tender, piano-tinged recollection of the aftermath of heartbreak, quickly becoming a fan favorite thanks to its vulnerable lyrics and smooth vocals. The members take turns describing how they feel after a breakup over an elegant, yet not too highbrow, backing track.

You become the rain endlessly pouring down on me

You become the wind blowing your way into my heart

I’ll carefully keep you with me because I can’t let you go

NCT 127, “The Rainy Night”

3. “Magic Carpet Ride”

“Magic Carpet Ride” is as ethereal as its title suggests, describing a romantic night between NCT and someone they love. There might even be some inspiration from the classic Disney film Aladdin – the first verse mentions a “particularly strong jasmine scent,” possibly as a nod to the carpet-riding princess Jasmine.

Until the dawn where the light has fallen asleep

We can fly tonight, fly tonight

Veiled with this miracle-like night

Everything comes true

NCT 127, “Magic Carpet Ride”

2. “Bring The Noize”

“Bring The Noize” is one of the most energetic songs on the album, displaying the members’ confidence while striking back at skeptics who critique their sound. The metallic, futuristic instrumental makes “Bring The Noize” a track that will undoubtedly become a concert staple once the group can reunite with their fans! 

1. “Promise You”

The album’s closing track sounds like a love song at first, but given the state of the world in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more likely dedicated to the band’s loyal NCTzens. It lets the ten members show off their adept ability to showcase deeper emotions through their vocals, even while singing fairly straightforward lyrics.

I promise you, on the day we meet again

I will hug you, and more than just saying a single word

Even if I cry out of joy

This time, I will convey my feelings to you

NCT 127, “Promise You”

What’s your favorite song from Sticker

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