Five-piece girl group ITZY proved long ago that they’re K-Pop titans, but their debut album Crazy in Love takes them even further, showing off their strong vocals, playful raps, and ability to tackle several genres and concepts. Their previous release, a triumphant EP called Guess Who, broke the Billboard 200 earlier this year, making Crazy in Love a globally-anticipated project that exceeds even the highest expectations.

Title track “LOCO” sees the girls falling “crazy in love” with someone over a frantic beat that will have you just as enamored as they are. It’s one of ITZY’s most ambitious singles to date, continuing the electropop influence and romantic notions from April 2021’s “In the morning” while offering new depth and maturity.

ITZY play up the “crazy” aspect with screams that adorn the track – member Yeji told Buzzfeed, “When I was in the studio, the director was telling me, ‘You need to feel more aggressive,’ so it was my first time screaming and shouting in the booth. It was very awkward, but such a good experience. It was a new challenge for me.”

In addition to releasing a fun music video and performing the song on various Korean music shows, they took the track overseas with a performance on the Kelly Clarkson Show:

Warning: The performance video below contains flashing images – viewer discretion is advised for people with photosensitivity.

“SWIPE” draws from 2000s R&B yet still manages to feel fresh and modern, thanks in part to a vibrant music video that incorporates tech trends like TikTok and QR codes. There’s an air of confidence and independence that has become one of ITZY’s signatures (see their breakout hit “WANNABE”), and this is especially poignant after the lovestruck “LOCO” – they even riff on the idea of being “crazy in love” in a more negative light (“you make me crazy”). 

With the same sass that had Ariana Grande saying “thank u, next” to her exes in 2019, ITZY “swipe” away critical partners that won’t accept them for who they are while showing off their youthful spirit as they play with different video transitions and bright aesthetics, as well as TikTok’s viral “wipe it down” challenge.

Warning: The music video below contains flashing images – viewer discretion is advised for people with photosensitivity.

“Sooo LUCKY” is a lighthearted love song that seems to be about an exciting romance, but beyond the surface, it’s an ode to their relationship with their fanbase, or MIDZY. The girls call their connection a “miracle” and insist they’re lucky to have each other, making it one of the most memorable moments on Crazy in Love.

“The lyrics are really sweet, so focus on the lyrics when you listen to this song,” Chaeryeong shared on the group’s #OUTNOW Comeback Show

Yuna told The Sofa Club that “Sooo LUCKY” is her favorite song on the album, explaining, “It’s a song that has a message for MIDZY. I like it the most because I think I sing with a hopeful voice to the one and only MIDZY.”

The playful “#Twenty” is a celebration of the fun and awkwardness of young adulthood, which Ryujin calls an “age of possibility” as Chaeryeong and Yeji admit “the responsibility is heavy.” Funnily, as of the song’s release, Chaeryeong and Ryujin are the only members who are actually 20, while Lia and Yeji are 21.

The group’s youngest member, 17-year-old Yuna, shared on #OUTNOW, “For anyone thrilled about turning twenty like me, I recommend this song!”

“B[OO]M-BOXX” is a danceable track that dazzles with a touch of ITZY’s signature ambition, comparing their confidence to a boombox’s music while urging a crush to admit the feelings they return. “You’re already mine,” the girls insist, and you can practically hear the smirks on their faces as they pursue their potential suitors.

“This is a song where your body reacts first,” Chaeryeong said on #OUTNOW before breaking out into a mini dance. Yeji elaborated, “This song holds the message of ‘Be honest and confident expressing your feelings.’”

“Gas Me Up” takes MIDZY backstage with ITZY as they describe how they feel before a performance, mentioning the energy in the crowd and even the potential for a “broken ankle” that they’d push through for their supporters. It’s bittersweet to hear their excitement during a time where concerts are still in jeopardy, but the song will leave fans with hope that they’ll get to see their favorite girl group soon. 

“My favorite song [on the album] is ‘Gas Me Up,’” Ryujin told The Sofa Club. “I think it shows off our confidence really well, and I think the lyrics and the song’s vibe express our confidence really well. And also, I love the song’s beat and the background music.” 

With a bubbly instrumental reminiscent of Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be,” the upbeat “LOVE is” fluctuates between hope (“everybody’s gonna love somebody”) and despair (“I’m still stepping backwards”) while describing the pursuit of romance. It draws from the optimistic ITZY vibe we’ve known them for since their 2019 debut while also offering a more complex view of love, showcasing the girls’ growth and maturation.

“I thought this had the newest mood among all the other ITZY songs, so… ‘LOVE is’ is my favorite song,” Lia shared on #OUTNOW. “It’s perfect for this kind of season.”

Yuna continued, “A few days ago I was taking a walk before all our songs were released. I listened to each of them, and the one perfect for night strolls is ‘LOVE is.’ With the night air and everything, it was emotional.”

“Chillin’ Chillin’” is a cute ode to friendship that shows off ITZY’s bond as a group, describing a fun trip with friends while also carrying a double meaning about focusing on what really matters rather than dwelling on the past. It’s four minutes of pure sunshine, letting MIDZY forget about their worries and join them for an exciting adventure.

Yeji told The Sofa Club, “‘Chillin’ Chillin’’ is a song about spending a special day with a precious friend and opening up to each other. I like it because it felt like we were on an exciting trip together. I don’t know if it’s because the members are good at recording, but I think it’s an exciting song to listen to!”

The record closes with the introspective “Mirror,” a mid-tempo song about pushing past insecurities and building confidence. The bittersweet track emphasizes the importance of self-love, especially when you feel underestimated or put down, and encourages fans to look out for themselves and their mindset through tough times.

“For those weary of running towards your dream, it’s a song holding a healing message, saying you are excellent enough the way you are,” Chaeryeong shared on #OUTNOW

Crazy in Love is the culmination of years of ITZY’s hard work, and the album was well worth the wait. From bolder tracks like “SWIPE” to more tender moments like “LOVE is,” there’s something for everyone on the project, and Chaeryeong, Lia, Ryujin, Yeji, and Yuna impressively demonstrated their versatility and talent.

“We hope our fans, MIDZY, see a more grown-up side to us,” Lia told Buzzfeed. “We’re trying to express different feelings from before. We hope they enjoy the other tracks beyond the lead singles, because we really put in a lot of effort on this album.”

You can find Crazy in Love on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know ITZY on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube!

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