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Nicki Minaj Hosts Kung Fu Panda-Themed Birthday Party For Papa Bear - Urban  Islandz

It has officially been one year since Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Perry had brought their child “Simba” into the world, or as Nicki adorably calls him “Papa Bear”. Being the extroverted partygoer she is, Nicki ensured her son’s birthday would be a memorable one with painting, balloon-making, bouncy houses, photo-booths, and all ending with a massive birthday cake. The part which surprised most of Nicki’s followers, however, was the presents Lil Wayne had bought for Papa Bear.

Upon seeing the numerous gifts Lil Wayne bought, Nicki’s first reaction was “This is insane”. Most of the gifts involve designer clothing to which Wayne found the perfect size for Papa Bear. He also sent Nicki packs of tequila as well as a camera to take higher quality pictures of her son. “I just opened the bags & I’m shock… this is insane. I love you so much. This is A LOT OF STUFF. OMG”, Nicki said on Instagram

Papa Bear’s first birthday party was Kung-Fu Panda themed which Nicki has stated her son is very fond of. Based on the pictures she posted on Instagram (fortunately before the outage), it appears she had as much enjoyment as the birthday boy. “I had to bring my baby out in his pajamas. Boy, u gonna get this b-day whether u like it or not”, she said in another Instagram post. “To everyone who sent a gift, he hasn’t opened gifts yet but thank you. I love you. Happy 1st Birthday. My world. My everything. Yes I know I’m spamming your timeline but it’s for my pumpkin pie Munchkin”.

Nicki Minaj had recently suffered backlash, especially when denoting vaccination mandates. Based on the birthday party, COVID was practically inexistent, and we’re very proud of her and her accomplishments. Happy 1st Birthday to your son Papa Bear and stay strong, Queen!

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