Joker’s Hand take risks by proxy through a “Goth Girlfriend” on their latest single, an ode to individuality and healthy rebellion that sees them falling for a girl who’s like “a siren that’s drenched in black.” The song draws from a classic rock sound while still feeling unique and genuine, and it’s slated to appear on their upcoming All-American Rage EP, due later this fall.

“I grew up in a conservative household where I wasn’t allowed to get tattoos, and talk of sex was forbidden,” Kawano shares. “But deep down inside I always knew my heart craved darkness, so I got me a goth girlfriend.”

Consisting of Kevin Kawano and Matthew Lau, Joker’s Hand is an energetic Asian-American duo that takes on more playful topics like relationships as well as more serious subjects – previous hit “War Profiteer” discussed the importance of empathy and understanding, particularly in government and the highest classes. Their diverse subject matter shows off their versatility and that while they know how to have fun, they won’t hesitate to use their platform for good when needed.

You can find “Goth Girlfriend” on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know Joker’s Hand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website!

Photo via Earshot Media.

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