Vera Blue asks a lover to excuse her “short fuse” on the guitar-tinged “Temper,” a cool pop track that draws from that beloved, shiny 80s sound. The song sees the Australian singer-songwriter stepping into a new, more confident light ahead of her upcoming sophomore album, and it’s certainly an exciting, welcome transition! 

​​“I don’t know whether it’s made up, but people always say redheads are a bit fiery, and that we have a bit of a short fuse,” Blue explains. “This song’s about grabbing hold of that emotion and trying to suppress it so you don’t scare your partner away. It makes me dance, but it’s also got that emotional edge.”

Blue writes most of her songs, including her previous single “Lie to Me,” about her own life, but with “Temper,” she drew from others’ experiences. She teamed up with songwriter Carla Whebe, producer Robby De Sa, songwriting-producing duo Andy and Tom Mak, and engineer Eric J Dubowsky to bring the song to life with a little Vera Blue flair.

“It’s really interesting writing a song about what you’re not feeling at the time,” she admits. “It just flows because it’s almost like you’re out of body, so I found it quite enjoyable. Writing ‘Temper’ was about experimenting, and making me feel something different from music, which I love.”

Fans can explore their own “something different” with Blue’s stripped-back performance of the track:

You can find “Temper” on your favorite streaming services now, and get to know Vera Blue on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and her official website!

(c) Jason Henley

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