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Sudbury, Canada–Just last week, Ontario resident Ashley Larose had reported a mysterious sighting on her home security cameras throughout the night. According to the footage, a bear could be seen trying to grab her pumpkin decoration from her front porch. The bear’s success, however, proved too difficult.

First, the bear tries using its claws to carry the pumpkin, but the pumpkin kept rolling away from its grip. It should be noted that the pumpkin itself appeared more massive than the bear based on the security footage. It then resorts to using its mouth, but receives the same result. Eventually, the bear gives up and escapes the porch with no pumpkin seeds.

“I had just finished putting up my Fall decorations that night when this little ‘thief’ showed up on my property”, Ashley jocularly explained to Canadian news outlet CTV News. “In all honestly, some of my decorations lit up in the dark, and that might have prompted this bear’s arrival”. Because the footage was in black and white on the security cameras, it was impossible to determine the bear’s color, but the bear was quite miniature in size and its fangs didn’t even leave an indentation when Ashley woke up that morning.

“It seemed that the bear continued to eat a few smaller pumpkins beforehand, which may have further prompted his arrival”, explained Ashley. Canada residences are quite forest-like, typically surrounded by many trees where bears reside. Whatever the bear’s incentive was that night, it is safe to say that candy won’t be the only thing stolen this Halloween!

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