The End of America transform their fan-favorite 2016 track into a cozy lullaby with “Empty Sea (Reprise).” Over a steady piano, the group describes pushing through trying situations to prove your strength to yourself, making it the perfect calming, yet motivating, solace for the pandemic era.

“The higher you climb the mountain, the steeper it gets, all the while howling out across what feels like an empty sea below,” the band explains. “You have to maintain faith in yourself and keep pushing to reach the summit. And maybe you can’t do it alone. For us, this song has been our anthem for being in a band.”

“Empty Sea (Reprise)” will appear on the trio’s Night Is Alive album, due November 12th. It’s their third project as a group and it’s comprised of ten tracks they made in their home studios. The record shows off their perseverance in the face of difficulties and their dedication to their fans, providing a mellow soundtrack to get listeners through an unprecedented time.

You can find “Empty Sea (Reprise)” on your favorite streaming services now and get to know The End of America on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and their official website

Photo via Vicious Kid PR.

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