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Television has always been a form of entertainment for humans, but what about our pet dog? We have spent so much time inundating our minds with sitcoms and news reports on television that we don’t even consider if our pets are being neglected. After all, a family isn’t complete without a dog, so they should be entertained by television as well. Fortunately, with the launch of DogTV in the UK, even our pooch will have content to enjoy.

The channel was created after years of research and experiment of the specific motivators that trigger a dog’s hyper response. The research has deduced that the three conditions that trigger said response are not food or toys, but separation anxiety, loneliness, and stress. More specifically, 1 in 6 pet dog suffer from separation anxiety every day. As such, the shows featured on DogTV will depict dogs being left alone, meditation TV shows, and dogs being placed in stressful situations, so as to “relate” with our pet’s internal emotion. It is also recommended that owners tune into DogTV so that they can better understand their pet’s emotions.

“DogTV is an excellent resource for dog owners to help alleviate some of the behavioral problems that can arise when dogs are left alone”, says Professor Nicholas Dodman, chief scientist for DogTV. “With numbers of dog owners rising over the pandemic, and owners now returning to work, DogTV helps canines to feel relaxed and comforted until their owners return home.”

General dog behavior, especially during separation anxiety, includes excessive barking and whimpering, refusal to eat, and destructive behavior that could otherwise damage the pooch physically or psychologically. This is because, according to the research, the dog heavily trusts their owner and feels unsafe when left alone, even in familiar environments. To address these problems, shows will include descriptions by celebrity dog trainer Laura Nativo who, according to DogTV, will “provide tips on how to live at home better with your pet as well as programs that provide simple but effective recipes for your dog”.

Other aspects of DogTV will include stronger attention to detail in terms of a dog perspective. For example, many dogs are color blind but can hear audio frequencies beyond the human spectrum. Therefore, the TV shows featured on DogTV will include colors, audio frequencies, and even camera views that will appeal to our pet. The goal of such detail-oriented aspects, according to Dodman, is “to help them feel more stimulated or relaxed when we are at work. Just turn on DogTV before leaving your flat and your dog is good to go!”

DogTV is available on all streaming services in the UK and the staff hopes to approve their channel in the states as well. “People think that DogTV is a bit of a weird concept at first”, notes British animal trainer Victoria Stilwell. “But when I tell them the amount of research that has gone into this – that this TV channel can help their dogs while home alone, improve their lives considerably, and help with different stresses and anxieties – they get it.”

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