The Astrology of Xi Jinping

The President of the People’s Republic of China is obviously a power player in politics, even in the US. But he’s also a mystery with much of his life obscured by his regime. But the Heavens can’t be fooled. Let’s take a look.

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Xi Jinping
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Although we know enough about him to create a storyline, it is also well known that parts of that story cannot be corroborated. Xi had a difficult childhood, as his father was exiled during the Cultural Revolution, leaving Xi at age 10 to work on a farm. His father was then thrown in prison when Xi was 15. Not a great start.

However, Jinping was involved in politics early, serving as party committee secretary of the CCP in a rural town he was sent to during the “Down to the Countryside” movement. There, he lived in a “cave house,” but ran away to Beijing where he was eventually arrested and then sent back.

Hence, as we go along, there will be many astrological aspects that begin to make sense. It is easy to tell from his demeanor and body language, as well as his refusal to answer to the press, that he is a hardened man. He is someone which is cautious, yet energetic. He is calculating and politically brilliant; and, he is also very authoritarian.

People’s Liberation Army
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I’ll first note that we have no birth time for Xi Jinping, so there is no Ascendant or Midheaven to form the houses. But as usual, the aspects between the planets give us plenty to work with.

So, let’s kick off with Sun conjunct Mars. This is a combination that results in a very aggressive person. By itself, it can make someone foolhardy and impulsive, prone to picking fights and fits of anger. But with Xi, this merely gives him the energy to fight on and continue with his goals. Though, I say this tentatively, because we don’t know what he is like behind closed doors…

Next, is Sun trine Saturn. Here is where we see the man of caution that Xi exudes as a perfect exemplar. The trine angle is that of naturality. It is ingrained within the person and requires no need of effort in order to bring it forth. Sun trine Saturn prefers slow and steady to win the race, and does not like risk. This is a perfect balance to Xi’s Sun conjunct Mars and tones down his impetuosity.

Next is Sun sextile Pluto. The sextile is similar to the trine in that it is considered an “easy” aspect. However, the sextile represents opportunity between two planets. While the trine requires no effort, the sextile does. But, this is not difficult. And with the Sun sextile to Pluto, you have an ego that thrives on power. The real secret, however, is that this is a mild influence. Therefore, it does not come across as threatening, allowing Xi to be a more effective manipulator.

Note: This is the only aspect to Pluto by his inner planets, setting Xi apart from many dictators of his stature.

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The puppetmaster
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Next, I’d like to focus on Moon square Venus. For most people, this translates to emotional need and dissatisfaction or a constant need for love. But, that is a generous interpretation considering our subject. And at its most basic level what this really means is “emotional want.” The Moon is emotions, Venus is what we want, and the square aspect of 90 degrees is friction between two planets. To me, I see someone who is an emotional black hole. There is never enough.

Briefly, I will mention his Moon sextile Jupiter. Simply stated, this is an amplification of Xi’s feelings. It can be interpreted as “jovial,” but he doesn’t exactly come across as jovial, does he? So again, I’m inclined to go with the most boiled down of meanings. As such, this is a soft influence that creates larger emotions. If he’s actually a nice guy in private, then I’ll apologize to Mr. Xi ahead of time, here and now.

And then there’s Sun trine Neptune. This is a difficult aspect because Xi also has Neptune conjunct Saturn. This means it is two outer planets fused together, and they make a double aspect to his Sun position. Neptune dissolves what it touches, and Saturn is structure and foundation. So what is likely is a several-fold, layered answer. Neptune conjunct Saturn is in part what represents Xi’s unreliable, shaky, insecure childhood. With a trine to his Sun, we see that it naturally affects his self-esteem and ego.

People with this generational Neptune-Saturn conjunction have to work very hard to overcome these difficulties. However, there is a light at the end of that tunnel. And if the work is put in, then Saturn overcomes the quicksand beneath his feet and makes his dreams come true, rather than giving in to Neptune and disintegrating everything he holds dear. Sun trine Neptune is often an artistic streak, but I do not see that here. Not in the traditional way. What I see is a visionary building his reality one step at a time.

Shenzhen, China
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I’ve been saving the best for last, though. The aspects to Xi’s Mercury, his mind. This was shocking, even to me, who can often pick up on planetary influences just by looks or behavior.

Xi has a powerhouse of an intellect, despite the fact that he failed many times throughout his life (rejected seven times for the Communist Youth League, and ten times for the Chinese Communist Party itself). For starters, he has Mercury conjunct Uranus. On its own, this can indicate a genius; someone who thinks outside the box. For them, there is no box, and you aren’t going to tell them what to do. A melding of the mind with Uranus makes one prone to far-reaching insights that can come out of the blue. He is a fast thinker, staying one step ahead of his opponents.

And then there is Mercury square the Neptune-Saturn conjunction making a double aspect: Mercury square Saturn, and Mercury square Neptune. Again, though, there is an emphasis on Saturn and Neptune being together, creating something new.

Mercury square Saturn can represent genius as well, with many great thinkers possessing this aspect. It often causes initial issues with intellectual confidence. But Saturn is actually calling the individual to bring more structure to their thinking. And with Xi’s Mercury conjunct Uranus, he definitely needs some structure if he’s going to harness all that intuitive power.

Mercury square Neptune can show someone who does not see the world correctly. Neptune warps their vision with a kind of dreamy filter. But, it also means someone who is sneaky, indicating a liar. Intentionally or not.

But with Saturn and Neptune together, we have a new animal. Once more, this is someone who is capable of creating grand dreams and then building them into reality with the raw soil and steel underneath them, rising from the mist.

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Iron and water manifest
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In spite of the atrocities associated with China and Xi Jinping, I have a greater respect for the man now, having seen his chart. But our charts are neutral, representing what is, not our intentions. So I will leave it up to the universe to determine if he is a moral man of the people, or a monster swallowing his country whole.

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