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45 Best Modern Christmas Songs 2021 - New Christmas Songs

The holiday season has been well underway and numerous radio stations are playing Christmas music, almost to the point of insanity. We all know songs such as “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”, “Last Christmas”, and the infamous “All I Want For Christmas is You”. People can’t go one Christmas without listening to these songs, not because of tradition, but because of their omnipresence this time of year. However, what about the Christmas songs that are not played often and are just as catchy as the ones listed above? Here are a few examples of songs that should be played more often throughout the holiday season:

Snoopy’s Christmas: This 1995 single by The Royal Guardsman is not only upbeat but contains lyrics that would be found in a Traditional Christmas carol. The chorus sings “Christmas Bells, those Christmas bells. Ringing through the land. Bringing peace through all the world. And good will to man”. This song combines the holidays, The Peanuts comic strip, and a war in a harmonious style in that Snoopy appears to be trying to escape the First World War. Eventually, however, the enemy makes amends and shares in a “holiday toast”, symbolizing world peace. The song is very cheery, hopeful (especially in a dark time), and perfect for the holiday season.

Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight): It appears the Trans-Siberian Orchestra isn’t the only band who can put rock music into Christmas songs. Family arguments during the holidays are practically inevitable and this 1989 single by The Ramiones reflects this notion. Lyrics such as “Where is Santa at his sleigh? Tell me why it’s always this way?” remind us that Christmas is a jolly time of year, not a time to fight about politics, shopping, etc. The song features a catchy rock beat but reminds us to love and respect each other. As the lyrics express, “I love you and you love me and that’s the way its got to be. I loved you from the start, cause Christmas aint the time to be breaking each other’s heart”.

One More Sleep: Singer and actress Leona Lewis never got the respect she deserves, even in her hometown of London. Her 2013 single “One More Sleep” describes her relationship with a man (name unknown) and her excitement of seeing him again during the holiday season. The lyrics show her counting down the days until Christmas (like most people do!), thus showing her anticipation and excitement: “Four more days until you’re coming home. Three more dreams of you and mistletoe. Two more reasons why I love you so”. The melody is hypnotic and reminds us how Christmas is more than about presents, but about love and excitement. Well done Lewis!

Believe: While released in the early 2000s, Josh Grobon’s single “Believe” has not risen in popularity until 2004 when The Polar Express was released. Ever since, the song has been fully synonymous with this movie. Still, it is hardly ever played on the radio, and should be with it’s Christmas-like instrumentals and magical lyrics. Christmas is a magical time of year and the spirit of Santa Claus is upon us. The song speaks for itself: “You have everything you need if you just believe”. It is almost as if The Polar Express was based entirely off of this song. If so, it is no surprise that this movie was so successful because this song is a magical Christmas masterpiece.

It Doesn’t Often Snow at Christmas: The Pet Show Boy’s bop can be thought of as the 1999 version of One More Sleep. It speaks more about relationships and being together than the holiday season itself. The song literally starts with: “Chrsistmas is not all it’s cracked up to be” over a catchy rhythm. The gloomy theme is lost in the chorus when they sing: “I’ll still have a glow at Christmas because I’ll be with you”. It may not snow at Christmas, but that doesn’t mean the holidays cannot be celebrated and this catchy song describes this and, by the end, the song wishes us “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

Dear Santa (Bring Me a Man This Christmas): Composed by the Weather Girls, this 1980s single was sung by the same group as It’s Raining Men and slaps just as hard. The song, as the title suggests, describes the Weather Girl’s letter to Sant which includes “A man to keep me warm”. In fact, the lyrics depict being warm and comfortable during the cold Winter months ahead. Other things on their list to Santa include “A pillow and a blanket by the fireplace” which seems to allude to other Christmas songs such as “Winter Wonderland” and “Let It Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!”. If those songs can be overplayed at Christmas, why can’t this one? Nonetheless, this song is festive and never fails to make us smile even during the bleakest winters.

Just Like Christmas: Low’s 1999 song invokes feelings to nostalgia and how we can capture the Christmas spirit even as adults. The song describes a group of people returning home for the holidays and commenting that their “beds were so small”. Most of the song, however, just repeats the words: “It was just like Christmas”. The lyrics may be simplistic, but they remind us that even the simplistic things in life have a completely different meaning as adults and Christmas captures these meanings in a heart-warming way. You don’t know what you have until you’re an adult.

While these songs are just as memorable and festive as Brenda Lee, Wham!, and certainly Mariah Carey, their obscurity and underrated nature is quite unfortunate. Christmas is a time of love and we believe it’s time to give these songs the love and respect they deserve throughout the month of December. Truly a flawless portrayal of the Christmas season.

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