Confessions of a Sagittarius

The Sagittarius season may be on its way out, but this fire sign’s impact is tough to extinguish much like its element suggests.

Though within the clutches of being a fire sign and the reputation that goes along with that, a Sag is appropriately the lesser of three evils! Why? Well…

For one, Sagittarians are less of the “my way, or the highway” type and more of the “lets see where this highway takes me” type. Explorers at heart, they are. Sags are also lovers of change! That stems from their mutable demeanor and it’s another thing that separates them from their siblings, Aries (cardinal) and Leo (fixed).

Known as the philosopher of the zodiac, the Sagittarius can be viewed as the advisor of the fire trinity, with Aries being the protector/knight and Leo being the leader/king.

Similarly, a Sagittarius eagerly shares many characteristics with the other two signs in the fire trinity. All are passionate, spontaneous, idealistic, and creative at their best. Self-destructive, brash, reckless, and impatient at their worst.

Focusing on that all-damning fire quality of self-destructive tendencies, a Sagittarius can — and will most likely — carry this in spades! A Sag has quite an addictive personality that also tends to make them more addiction-prone. This is in part thanks to their ruling planet, Jupiter.

Being the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter also rules over abundance and exaggeration. Coincidence?

Despite this, a Sagittarius is a wild spirit at heart and loves life. So if you ever come across one who seems a bit tame, give them a minute. Chances are your Sag is just recharging to get ready for their next big adventure. Much like pulling an arrow back getting to soar forward!

3 responses to “Confessions of a Sagittarius”

  1. This is TOTALLY true of Sags that I personally know

  2. Loved It!!! Yes we are!!:)

  3. Well written, Courtney!

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