Sophie Turner Annihilated Joe Jonas With an NSFW Joke About His Purity Ring  and Exes | Glamour

A few weeks ago, Netflix aired The Jonas Brothers Family Roast in which the host Kennan Thompson creates sketches, songs, and games which appear to be an attempt to “roast” the Jonas Brothers. While the show’s reception wasn’t too high, nobody can deny how iconic Joe Jonas’s wife Sophie Turner was at exposing Joe’s dating history and jabbing at his purity ring. Here is her joke:

“Let’s talk about the purity rings. For those of you who don’t know, purity rings are worn to demonstrate that you’re abstaining from sex before marriage. And the Jonas Brothers, they all had them. Like, I know this is a roast, and you all think I should be going after them, but I think we need to set the record straight here. No, the rings weren’t a good idea. Yes, as a gesture, they’re laughably, toe-curlingly lame. But remember—this was about more than a gesture: This was about faith. This was about principle. This was about taking a stand and setting an example. Look, Joe Jonas wasn’t just sticking his fingers in some dumb metal rings. He was sticking his fingers in costars, actresses, and even a supermodel or two.”

The Game of Thrones actress then took to MSNBC and added “To be honest, Joe and the purity ring thing was kind of like a modern-day Cinderella. I mean, Joe tried to find a match for his purity rings a few times, but finally, the finger fit me. It was also like Cinderella because most of the girls he tried it with were under contract to Disney.” Later in an interview with the same outlet, Joe Jonas admits his humility in 4 words: “This took me out”.

Ever since Jonas and Turner commenced their relationship around 2017, the couple seemed very joyful together. They went to Paris for Fashion Week together in 2017, adapted a puppy together, and starred in music videos together such as their 2019 hit single “Sucker”. When asked at the Golden Globes about their relationship, Turner giggled and replied “I’m not saying anything…I am really happy”.

This roast came almost entirely out of nowhere and is being shared by Netflix, MTV, and other outlets. Moreover, The Jonas Brothers Family Roast has practically doubled in views since Turner delivered this comment. Still, Jonas has refused to address the zinger aside from saying “This took me out”. It is likely that Turner may be teasing Jonas, but those purity rings were worthy of roasting if we’re being honest.

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