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Waitress surprised with $10K in tips after customer applauds her service on  social media – Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News

Morrow, Georgia-At an IHOP pancake restaurant, waitress Jazmine Castillo was “speechless” to find out she had made $10,000 in one week solely due to tip money. The attainment began when customer Rita Williams stated in her Facebook post that “the IHOP was crazy crowded but our waitress remained so professional, so kind, and patient. She just provided outstanding customer service”. The service compelled the customer to leave a $30 tip on her behalf. It wasn’t long after until WGCL-TV was contacted and Castillo and Williams shared the rest of their stories:

“I gave her the $20, and she was like, ‘Are you serious?'” says Williams. “I handed her another $20, and she goes ‘No, really?’ She then thanks me heavily saying she was struggling financially. She said her mother was sick and just got released from the hospital for Thanksgiving last year. She also said she was struggling to pay the bills herself””.

Williams continued noting that she then asked Castillo for her Cash App information. She then sent her a $500 donation and left more tip money before leaving the restaurant. This entire experience was shared over Facebook and began trending. Within a few days, Castillo’s financial records increased by over $10,000 from Facebook strangers! Castillo reports that she is thankful for meeting Williams that day and is “hanging in there better”.

According to Castillo, “it usually takes waiting on about 7 or 8 tables to earn $40 in tips. I heard a bunch of notifications go off that week and I don’t even use Cash Apps. I had no idea what was going on”. Williams concluded by saying she was very happy for Castillo: “I am beyond happy for Jazmine. I wish I could help more in her financial struggles, but I don’t think it could’ve happened to a better person”.  

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