Here’s A Catchy Korean Song For Each Color Of The Rainbow

Two of the biggest things that transcend language, heritage, and location are music and colors. And unsurprisingly, lots of artists have found ways to combine the two and make their lyrics even more engaging through color-themed symbolism. What better way to describe your feelings in such a universal statement? Here are six Korean songs, ranging from pop to hip-hop that use color to take their story to a whole new level.

WOOZI – “Ruby”

WOOZI of SEVENTEEN made his solo debut with “Ruby,” a lyrically-intricate track that compares both himself and his love interest to different red objects to show off their passion. From his lover having “ruby lips” to wanting a “Coke Zero to calm down,” a slew of cheeky one-liners make the song even more fun to listen to beyond its pop-rock sound. It’s a promising debut that makes us even more excited for his next solo release! You can keep up with WOOZI’s solo activities on SEVENTEEN’s socials, so be sure to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

CHANGMO – “Selfmade Orange” (feat. SUPERBEE)

“Selfmade Orange” is a confident hip-hop track that celebrates CHANGMO and SUPERBEE’s ambition and focused work ethic with vibrant lyrics and energy. If you’re a fan of western artists like Drake and Future, this is the track for you! It’s one of CHANGMO and SUPERBEE’s most successful songs to date, racking up nearly 3 million streams on Spotify and cementing a promising future for the rising stars. Get to know CHANGMO on Instagram and Soundcloud, and find SUPERBEE on Facebook and Instagram!

DPR LIVE – “Yellow Cab”

With a fun retro flair, “Yellow Cab” touches on DPR LIVE’s hard work and desire to grow in the industry, with tinges of romance and fear that his fans may not want him to grow to the international level. It’s a multi-dimensional track with a quirky edge and an equally bright music video that will hook you in even if the song itself doesn’t. Learn more about DPR LIVE on Instagram and Twitter!

AKMU – “Green Window”

Maybe the most fitting song for K-Pop fans who love color, “Green Window” dreamily describes the view of a rainbow out a window with an optimistic attitude and a focus on inspiring perseverance. AKMU is a sibling duo made of Lee Su-hyun and Lee Chan-hyuk, fusing elements of pop, R&B, and hip-hop with an effortless grace. You’ll love the light and airy sound! Join the AKMU family by following them on Facebook and Twitter, as well as connecting with Su-hyun and Chan-hyuk on their personal Instagrams. 


On “Blue Hour,” the five members of TXT describe a romantic evening, focusing on details like the color of the sky and the time the sun sets. Member Yeonjun explained in a press conference that it mentions the “beautiful yet mysterious” hues in the sky, and “beautiful yet mysterious” is also a great way to describe the disco-tinged track. It’s a feel-good anthem you definitely won’t be able to get out of your head. Get to know TXT on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

IU – “Lilac”

A shimmery 80s-influenced track with a fun guitar riff throughout, IU’s “Lilac” comes off as a springtime love song, but its deeper meaning addresses her fears that fans will lose interest in her career as she gets older. It’s a thought-provoking exploration of how the music industry and general public treat female artists, but the lighthearted sound makes it both accessible to the masses and a cheerful track you could throw on a mood-boost playlist if you don’t think too hard about the lyrics. Dive into more of IU’s versatility by linking up with her on Facebook and Instagram

What’s your favorite color-themed Korean song? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Featured Image: WOOZI, courtesy of PLEDIS Entertainment.

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