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Breaking a world record is seen as a huge accomplishment for many people. Seeing their name in the Guinness Book of World Records provides bragging rights and a sense of satisfaction. In fact, some people will drive themselves to the highest extent, performing some of the most awkward (and ridiculous) stunts to make a name for themselves. Upon conducting research on some actual Guinness world records, here are some of the most bizarre record-breakers we could find:

Ram Singh Has a 14 Foot Long Mustache: Indian man Ram Singh Chauhan from Jaipir, India, claims the Guinness World Record for the longest mustache at 14 ½ feet long. According to an interview with Singh on the Italian television show “Lo Show di Record”, Singh states that he “hasn’t cut [his] facial hair in over 37 years”.

Emma Timmis Runs Across New Zealand in 21 Days: 37-year-old British woman Emma Timmis made history in the world of cardio when she ran from Cape Reigna, New Zealand to the Southern border in Bluffs. Her official time is unknown but she completed the run in under 21 days, surpassing Welsh runner Menna Evan’s 35-day record. She was further hampered by his lower leg injury but in total, still managed to run 1,600 miles from North to South New Zealand (60 miles more than a typical marathon)

Timothy Jebaseelan Catches Cricket Ball Thrown From 400 Feet: Sri Lanka resident Timothy Shanon Jebaseelan broke a Guinness World Record for catching a cricket ball released by a 393 foot high drone-the highest catch of a cricket ball in the world. This record was previously held by Kristan Baumgartner at 374 feet. “Breaking a world record is my dream”, says Jebaseelan. “Ever since I was a kid I have been dreaming of this”.

David Rush Juggles Blindfolded for Over 32 Minutes: Idaho resident David Rush has broken his previous record of juggling 3 balls for 22 minutes blindfolded. His current record stands at 32 minutes and 12 seconds. Rush says his record will go towards STEM education in Idaho.

Quoc Brothers Climb Stairs With One Balanced on Head: Circus performing brothers Giang and Nghiep Quoc balanced heads while climbing 100 steps in front of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Girona, creating a new world record. Quoc notes that the event organizers even constructed 10 additional steps for the feat as the cathedral only consisted of 90 steps. The record was accomplished in 53 seconds while thousands of people could be seen crowding behind.

Steve Warden Creates 225.13 Pound Ball of Human Hair: Steven Warren, the owner of the Blocker’s Salon in Cambridge Ohio, says his son inspired him to collect balls of hair from his customers and clip them together to produce a large hairball. The ball had grown to weigh 225 pounds, breaking Missouri barber Henry Coffer’s record of 167 pounds in 2014. “It has actually changed my life”, says Warren. “I did it because of the love for my children and my future grandchildren, and just to show that you know, if you have a crazy idea, don’t worry about what people are thinking, just do it.”

There are many other records of this strange nature to be found and likely many more to be created in the future. Regardless of how odd or specific these records are, however, they still deserve respect for their eccentric accomplishments There truly is a record for everything and with the right mindset and skill, you can create the next bizarre Guinness World Record.

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