Entertainment and Music industries making comebacks with Reboots!

Creators everywhere are turning it up a notch by bringing top-rating shows, albums, movies, and tv series back to life for our younger generation, and fans! The new trailer of “Bel’ Air” has Fresh prince fans everywhere open and excited! With a new dramatic spin to the series, it looks like it will be a hit in 2022!

Reboots are now trending and making money. Some making more than they originally made in the beginning, just by grasping former fans, and new fans! Classic horror movies like Candyman and Scream, have also been re-debuted in theatres, with two new versions of the popular horror stories- that did very well in sales!

Artists like Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne have also successfully re-released albums from ten years ago, and have managed to top the charts again. This trend is taking off in all areas of the entertainment industry, and we must say it has been a great idea!

Dominating the trend is none other than the family and children genre. Disney has been doing numbers the last few years by re-releasing classics like the Proud Family, Hocus Pocus 2, Lion King, Mulan, and more. Nickelodeon is following up with reboots like Rugrats and Spongebob Squarepants, both kid favorites and must see’s!

Making us adults feel like kids again, is definitely an accomplishment of this movement, but also being able to tell our young, and teenage children we already know about these shows… are priceless! Stay on the lookout for more reboots to come in 2022!

Thank you for reading!

Watch the “Bel-Air” and Scream (2022) trailers below!

[Videos courtesy of Youtube/peacock, Youtube/paramountpictures]

Thank you for Reading!

Article by Jamaila Robinson

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