If you are on Twitter then maybe you saw something like this.

Sometime this week some white male whose supposedly super popular among- well other white males, says he’s removing his catalog from the music streaming service due to Covid-19 misinformation being glorified with a podcaster, another White male whose named Joe Rogan.

Yesterday, Joni Mitchell, another white woman musician enjoying the same privileges as the other white musicians named above joined in on the cancel party urging her listeners to cancel their premium subscriptions.

The conversation sparked a deeper understanding of how music fans engage with artists who have music licensed to platforms such as Spotify and its competitors Apple Music, Tidal, and Pandora.

It’s always a bad day in America when white privilege mindsets get to control a narrative around paying to support smaller independent and relatively unknown artists which is what Spotify has been able to do. Check out the Our Time playlist featuring unsigned artists via Spotify. Cancel culture hurts more people than you think.

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