In this piece, we’re going to take a look at the Leader of The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the General Secretary of the Worker’s Party of Korea, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, Marshall of the Korean People’s Army, and all ’round nutter butter supreme, Kim Jong Un.

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Kim Jong Un
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This is another chart that has no time of birth, so we won’t be mentioning the ascendant, midheaven, or houses. As well, the birth date is also in dispute as to whether Kim was born in 1982, 1983, or 1984. However, after an analysis of the available charts, it becomes very clear which one is the truth. The sorts of stories coming out of North Korea confirm what type of aspects one would tend to see in a natal chart. So, with that in mind, we will proceed from there.

The first thing that jumped out when I saw the 1984 chart was a triple conjunction of Mercury retrograde, Jupiter, and Neptune. Mercury retrograde in a birth chart indicates there is some issue with the expression of that planet, as is the case of any retrograde planet. For reference, many of the outer planets are commonly retrograde as they spend much of the year in that state. So, normally this isn’t an issue unless that planet is prominently featured in some way.

But with the inner planets of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, retrogradation can be an issue. With Mercury, there is an overload of mental energy and it’s focused inwardly. There is nothing wrong with their thinking, it is just different. Sometimes there are learning disabilities or a severe lack of self-confidence. However, once this is overcome, they have a tremendous gift to give and can be highly intelligent.

For Jong Un, the conjunction with Jupiter would automatically be something to look for in a possibly great mind, one that sees the big picture. As in previous articles, I’ve discussed Jupiter’s role as an amplifier, making larger whatever he touches. Hence here, Jupiter will amplify Mercury retrograde. But, more importantly, is the inclusion of Neptune.

Mercury conjunct Neptune is very hit and miss. Folks with a Mercury and Neptune contact can have skewed mental processes, even plagued by delusions and mental illness in the worst case scenario. However, it can also make an extremely creative person. For example, famed geometer and physicist, Roger Penrose, one of the greatest minds alive today, has Mercury conjunct Neptune. Clearly, this does not have the effect of fogging his mind. So here, we can not necessarily say whether Neptune is a debilitating force on Kim Jong Un or not. And with Jupiter also conjunct Mercury and Neptune, the effect is magnified several orders of magnitude. And I suspect that this, in part, represents the sense of fantasy world that Kim lives within. This is a man that has never known true reality in the sense that most of us have. But there is more…

Distorted vision.
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Jong Un also possesses Mars conjunct Pluto. This, in and of itself, can be a brutal aspect, showing someone that is ruthless in their behavior. Even violent. It doesn’t always mean that, but in a dictator, I am inclined to think that it may. It also means someone that is very direct, to the point, and even has extreme endurance. Obviously, Kim is not very physically fit. But endurance can extend to many other areas of our lives. And further, it can represent paranoia, another hallmark of dictators the world over. But what makes it even more intriguing is its connection by sextile to his Mercury, bringing all of these aspects together toward his mind. This means that in addition to what I’ve already mentioned, he also has Mercury sextile to Mars and Pluto, simultaneously.

Mercury sextile Mars gives a person a natural amount of “fight” for their ideas. With the sextile, it is in a positive way, meaning they are not too overbearing with the way they come across. But if you throw Pluto into the mix, it becomes a bit of another story.

If Jupiter’s job is to amplify, then Pluto’s job is to intensify. Mercury sextile Pluto gives an amount of depth to the thinker. This aspect makes a great detective, willing to get to the bottom of any issue. And again, with the sextile, we see it is done in a positive way. But Pluto’s conjunction with Mars gives rise to a different animal entirely. Conjunctions fuse two planets, creating a new planetary force all its own. No longer do we have Mars and Pluto, we have “Maruto,” or, “Plars” a la Dragon Ball (a little humor, folks). And what is more, Mars and Pluto are friendly to each other, meaning they help amplify each other’s characteristics. So, while Neptune and Jupiter can have their muddying effect, Mars and Pluto will cut through it. I suspect that Kim is not as crazy or stupid as we would have ourselves believe.

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Your hat, sir.
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Up next is Venus conjunct Uranus. Venus is what we like and what we attract, as well as money and leisure. Uranus is shock, surprise, and liberation, as well as insight and even foresight. So, what happens when you put them together? You have someone who bores easily. They have to be stimulated, they have to find something to cure their ennui. This can also mean that they attract those circumstances. They can have a life that is full of surprises, even though they don’t want them. Sometimes it is a bit of both, and usually, this is the case.

And the rest of Kim’s chart is rather… good. Being a dictator has its perks, and it appears that he will continue to live a life full of luxury and comfort. That doesn’t mean that he won’t come to a bad end, but most of his living will be at ease.

For example, he has Sun sextile Saturn. This is a great aspect for building slowly but steadily. It engenders patience and a certain structure to one’s life.

He also has Sun in a sextile to his Moon. This means that his ego is in alignment with his feelings. So, when he goes about making decisions, he is not in a constant battle about how he feels about the issue. He simply does something and moves on, feeling very natural and calm.

But there is one final hard aspect he possesses, that of Moon square Venus and Uranus. And this is an interesting one as Moon square Venus on its own is a representation of want of love and affection, meaning Jong Un may feel quite alone, which we see commonly among those at the top of power hierarchies. But there is also Moon square Uranus in there too, and that again lends itself to a compulsive need for stimulation. It also shows a volatile personality, full of peaks and valleys of emotional display. One minute they’re having the time of their life, the next they are down in the dumps.

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Emotional instability.
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Please don’t think that, in the course of my interpretations of these dictator types, it reflects any sort of sympathy for them. I have none, as they clearly uphold the suffering of millions through their selfishness. I merely try to see the human side of them, bound to the same laws of Karma that we all are, and the forces of nature that create personalities through astrological positioning.

We are all complex creatures hurdling through space and time for reasons we cannot devise. I only hope to bring more understanding to some of the enigmatic and distant among us.

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