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Pocono, PA-An anonymous family were left “bird-brained” when a bald eagle flying around in the mountains crashed into their living room window. Director of Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center Kathy Uhler reported that she “found the front window of the house shattered and the bald eagle lying on the ground”. However, before the bird could be taken away, it leapt from the floor and escaped.

“More than likely, he was seeing a reflection of the sky or simply light and felt that he could continue through it”, says Uhler. “We’re losing like a billion birds a year to window collisions, it’s not a small problem. That being said, eagles flying into residential areas is not something you see everyday”.

Even after the bird took off, multiple wildlife experts were called to lure the eagle back to the ground but to no avail. The bald eagle was not spotted since and the family has demanded compensation for the broken window. “The bird is obviously not feeling well tonight so we’d like to prevent those collisions when we can”.  

Uhler speculates that the reason the eagle behaved how he did is that the window gave off a reflection that the bird found attractive. For this reason, Uhler suggests that “Ultraviolet coating should be used to help birds avoid windows and to keep your home safe”.

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