Although The Astrology of Vladimir Putin is certainly getting more attention right now, and for good reason, Hillary Clinton has suddenly re-entered the modern zeitgeist. With rumors, and even gesturing by Hillary herself, of her running for President in 2024, it seems appropriate to discuss her natal chart.

Clinton speaking at an event in Des Moines, Iowa, during her 2016 presidential campaign
Hillary Rodham Clinton
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Hillary has a number of envious positions in her birth chart. The first of which I’ll discuss is Mercury conjunct Ascendant. This is an aspect that makes a person very talkative and also is seen as intelligent by other people. The Ascendant is our physical self, and with a planet there, people pick up on that planet. Mercury is the planet of communication, wit, and logic. He is also considered androgynous and a shapeshifting prankster that is full of humor.

Adding to her Ascendant is also Venus. This means that Hillary also has Mercury conjunct Venus, and they are both conjunct the Ascendant. Venus conjunct the Ascendant is a marker of beauty and a want of attention. Combine that with Mercury, and you have a “beautiful communicator.” This has obviously served Hillary well on the political stage as she has a large need to make grand speeches. This set of aspects make her capable of captivating an audience.

Next up is Mars sextile Neptune. This is considered a kind of magick placement. It can make a person very subtle in their approach. Neptune is the god of spiritualism, delusion, illusion, and drugs. His essential meaning is to dissolve. As Mars is action, Neptune can have the effect of dissolving the actions of mars, or of making them soft. This commonly shows the native as being involved in humanitarian efforts.

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Humanitarian efforts.
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Mrs. Clinton also has Sun trine Uranus. This makes someone unpredictable, but generally in a good way. The trine aspect is a flowing energy between the two planets and shows a natural integration of the two energies that requires no effort on the part of the person who possesses it. Uranus is the rebel, he turns things upside down and sideways. The Sun is our ego and the authentic self; some might say the soul. So with these two together, you have a personality that can be a bit quirky and often inventive.

Now I want to get into some of the hard stuff… Hillary Clinton has Mars conjunct Pluto. This is always a scary position to see in a politician’s chart. Pluto is the god of power, manipulation, and death/rebirth. Mars and Pluto get along very well, in such a way that they amplify each other’s characteristics. This isn’t always a good thing, though. What this produces is someone that is very power-hungry.

No, not every person who possesses it will have it manifest this way. But there have been some things in Hillary’s past that indicate that it is indeed the case with her. In the simplest sense, this aspect boils down to “action that leads to death and rebirth.” Meaning, someone who reinvents themselves again and again, or has particular events in their life which cause them to change drastically. However, there is very much a penchant for ruthless action, and in many ways, ruthless is the defining word for Mars conjunct Pluto.

And she also has Mars conjunct Saturn at the same time, meaning she also has Saturn conjunct Pluto as well. The three planets are fused together. Mars conjunct Saturn is another very ruthless position. Saturn is restriction and structure, hence Mars and Saturn together is someone with a lot of self-discipline. But there is also an inclination for large amounts of frustration, as the actions of Mars feel held back by Saturn. However, ultimately, this position gives a person an incredible amount of staying power.

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This next aspect is strange and it explains many things about how to public views Hillary Clinton. It is called “North Node opposite Ascendant.” The North Node is not a planet, it is mathematically calculated, just like the Ascendant. It is something also used in astronomy, not just astrology, to predict eclipses. It is where the path of the Moon and the Earth intersect in their orbits.

The North Node in astrology represents the direction in which you should move toward your destiny. If the Ascendant is you, then opposite to it is “the other.” We also call this point the Descendant. North Node opposite Ascendant is something that can make you very unpopular. Your ideas don’t match with what the public wants. Hence, the person with this position should be paying more attention to what other people want, especially if they’re a politician.

Finally, I’d like to talk about Moon trine Jupiter. And with this one, I’m going to talk about the houses a bit as well, which is something I don’t normally bring up much. Hillary has Jupiter in the first house. The first house is the house of the “self,” just as the Ascendant is. The Ascendant is the point that begins the first house, so their meaning is similar. With Jupiter here, you have an expansive personality, larger than life. This placement also gives the proneness to gain weight.

With the Moon trine to Jupiter in the first house, you have someone whose emotions are naturally expressed in a big way. Whatever emotion they feel, you can be sure to see it amplified in some way. That is the role of Jupiter, to amplify. This aspect makes for a jovial personality, full of positivity and optimism too. Some might say this is a lucky position to have.

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Hillary’s chart is full of contradictions, as most of us are. We are never one-dimensional creatures and are as complex as the many aspects that make up an astrology chart, and more. There is always room for an aspect to change its meaning by manifesting in a different way, to transform through the power of choice and the wisdom of life experiences. Here’s to hoping that possible future leaders are always striving to become better people.

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