Georgia gubernatorial grassroots candidate Kandiss Taylor has the media in a frenzy over three words: Jesus, guns and babies.

Georgia gubernatorial grassroots candidate Kandiss Taylor has the media in a frenzy over three words: Jesus, guns and babies.

Kandiss Taylor

Why interfere with an enemy while they are in the process of destroying themselves? It’s happening, and Georgia is front-and-center to the madness. The mainstream media is responding to Georgia gubernatorial grassroots’ candidate Kandiss Taylor’s campaign slogan exactly as expected, and her slogan, “Jesus Guns Babies” is so catchy it is making headlines throughout the national media faster than the fall of CNN.

At a campaign rally for Taylor several weeks ago on February 12, Fallback USA Productions podcaster and fellow Patriot Lucretia Hughes ripped on the media’s recent nitpicking of Taylor, saying “People want to say that she talks country. Good! Because I’d rather have a Georgia peach than a rotten apple.”

Fallback USA Podcaster Lucretia Hughes

We know that the mainstream media “bends the knee” (another catchphrase that Taylor uses often that I personally love) to a higher institution, and one thing is for sure: it’s not God. And that could not have been more apparent these past couple of weeks when the use of the word “Jesus” sent them running in circles.

The Extremely Predictable New York Times

Let’s start with the New York Times. We know what their modus operandi is. It is well-documented that the New York Times’ shareholders have business ties to Communist China and that several New York Times staff previously worked for China Daily a CCP-controlled newspaper. When they see something that is a threat to Communist China, corporate America, the Democratic Party and Washington establishment, and whoever else they bend their knee to (sorry I just can’t stop using that phrase) – they feel the need to wrap around the topic and make a desperate last-ditch attempt to still somehow spin it and make it work in their favor.

We have prior examples of this. One thing that comes immediately to mind is this past August, right after I completed an article about Stewart Rhodes and the Oath Keepers. Through the research for this article, a simple matter of connecting the dots from the DOJ’s own 38-page indictment document made it clear that the FBI may very well have been up to their neck in participation with the January 6 “insurrection.” I mean, I didn’t even need to say it in the article, the facts of the case and historical details spoke for themselves. At this point it was becoming impossible to cover up. Everyone was talking about it, and anyone that took the time to connect the dots using the official legal documents from these cases was able to see for themselves what was going on.

And I will never forget how I cringed when I read the New York Times’ attempt to control the narrative, with the article Among Those Who Marched into the Capitol on Jan. 6: An F.B.I. Informant, which was published back in September. Their article acknowledged that it had come to light that there was an FBI informant that was a member of the Proud Boys and was there on January 6. And while the New York Times admitted that this brings into question the credibility of the FBI’s handling of the case, they still made sure to describe the Proud Boys as an “extremist group” and insisted that they were still guilty of inciting violence on January 6, and that it’s likely the FBI informant was acting on his own. And the article seemed to still vehemently defend the evidence gathered by the FBI and DOJ that showed there was a prior conspiracy on behalf of the Proud Boys to attack the Capitol on January 6.

But since then, the news came out about the likelihood of Ray Epps being a protected agent provocateur. Ray Epps is member of the Proud Boys who directed protesters to enter the U.S Capitol on January 5, and then guided crowds towards the Capitol the next day on January 6, and has still somehow avoided federal prosecution. This parallels to the story I did about the Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes. And the New York Times has continued to desperately try to wrap around the narrative. A few other examples of the New York Times tripping all over themselves to appease their puppet masters (ahem, China), has been their attempt to discredit the Epoch Times (a publication owned by a Chinese gentleman who is very aware of how the Chinese Communist Party works and wants to fight their insidious propaganda infiltrating America), and for ignoring obvious evidence that supports the COVID-19 lab leak theory.

Kandiss Taylor: The New York Times’ Favorite Candidate

In the New York Times opinion article about Kandiss Taylor and her slogan, writer Jane Coastan, attempts to show off her knowledge of Scripture, and interpretation of it. And Coastan is doing this on a platform that, as the above examples demonstrate, is intent on misinforming America for the purpose of satisfying the agenda of foreign and domestic enemies. She refers to poll numbers from the mainstream media (we all know how accurate those are) and discusses what it means to be a good Christian, never once showing an inkling of knowledge about who Kandiss Taylor is and what she had already done for her community and the country. “I’m polling at 50 to 91 percent. I’m polling high,” said Taylor in one of her recent campaign updates, noting that if mainstream media poll numbers were what determined an election, Hillary Clinton would have become president.

Either Coastan did zero research, or she did and discovered there’s not any dirt to throw around about Taylor, saw the good that she had done and therefore chose not to include any of it. Her credentials are as a political writer for other outlets like CNN and MSNBC, lowering her credibility even more. She refers to Taylor’s use of the term “Jesus” as polarizing. How can it be polarizing when the entire Western calendar revolves around Jesus’s birthday, so much that our entire country shuts down now on December 25th every year to celebrate it?

The Liberal Slogan Artists

This is the problem with the media today: Overpaid, over glorified, propped-up figures who think because they can write (anyone can write, I don’t care who you are, you just have to be willing to put in the work), that somehow they are qualified to give their opinion on just about anything, regardless of whether they have shown any past action to demonstrate they have authority on that topic. And in a left-wing outlet, you can expect their go-to (when they have nothing else to attack someone with) to be picking apart slogans. Yes, we can agree that Barack Obama was a master slogan artist. Though we might not be able to say the same for Joe Biden; I mean what does “Build Back Better” even mean? At least Taylor is specific about what she stands for with her slogan.

Jesus Breathed Life Into the Constitution, and It’s as Real as We Say It is

It’s only natural that they want to control the narrative around Jesus, even though our country was founded on the idea of freedom of religion. Some of America’s founders, such as Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams, recognized Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and wanted the freedom to worship Jesus. Our Constitution made it clear that they wanted a separation of church and state, but that the citizens have complete freedom to practice the religion of their choice. Henry and Adams were Christians, or at the very least, spiritual followers of Jesus. That’s who they were, they didn’t try to pretend otherwise. And that is who Kandiss Taylor is. “I’m not going to push Jesus on anyone, he’s a gentleman and he wouldn’t want me to,” Taylor said at her February 12 campaign rally.That’s who they were, they didn’t try to pretend otherwise. And that is who Kandiss Taylor is. “I’m not going to push Jesus on anyone, he’s a gentleman and he wouldn’t want me to,” Taylor said at her February 12 campaign rally.

She also said she is taking a hardline stance and will not compromise or back down on her platform. “I’m not going to apologize, I’m not going to bend my knee, I’m not going to be politically correct, and if they don’t like that I say ‘Jesus, guns and babies,’ I don’t care!”

I’m not going to apologize, I’m not going to bend my knee, I’m not going to be politically correct, and if they don’t like that I say ‘Jesus, guns and babies,’ I don’t care!

Georgia grassroots gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor

It was also Jesus who taught about the concept of leaders as trusted servants, and this is also in the Constitution. “Our Constitution doesn’t talk about leaders. It doesn’t say ‘vote for a good leader.’ It says a ‘public servant’ and ‘trustee of the people,’” Taylor pointed out at a campaign event in Chatham County, Georgia back in December. “I don’t trust our elected officials and they’re not serving our public.” At that event, Taylor also mentioned one of her favorite Bible verses, which is Matthew 20:16: “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.” And that is fitting, since Taylor says that “I’m going to be last on the ballot, and I’m the one that’s for you. Because I’m one of you.”

Georgia grassroots gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor

Media Figures Crumble as They Mock Morality

As far as the other media rabble rousers trying to stir up the masses against Christian and Constitutional principles, not too much needs to be said. We’ve got Blair Erskyne, a writer for Jimmy Kimmel, trying to mock Taylor’s message by simply repeating it on video. And then Taylor welcomed what she referred to as Erskyne’s “endorsement.” This was done tongue-in-cheek on Taylor’s part, but we all know that bad publicity can very well be good publicity, especially when it comes from an overpaid, over glorified, propped up establishment media whose credibility disintegrates as each day passes. And Yahoo News actually tried to make this act of mockery into news, and spin Taylor’s reaction to make her seem oblivious. Have you ever tried to purposely make up a rumor about yourself and then watch as people take the bait and do exactly as you predict? This is exactly how it was with this media response. Apparently anything passes for journalism these days?

Here we have Blaire Erskyne, who makes a living mocking Christian and conservative principles. Does this sound like someone qualified to hold any weight in this world?

Kandiss Taylor: The One You’ve Been Waiting For

And then there’s Kandiss Taylor. A strong, dignified woman who has spent twenty years in the school system fighting human trafficking and homelessness, and seeing to it that all the children she works with get the healthcare that they need. “I have never, ever seen a child that qualified for Medicaid not receive it,” says Taylor, in response to Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’ pledge to provide every citizen with Medicaid. Oh yeah, and Taylor was the only one out of all four Georgia gubernatorial candidates currently running to take it upon herself to investigate the massive fraud that has been revealed from the 2020 election. She pulled tabulator tapes, made FOIA requests, and consulted with the team from the Arizona full forensic audit to figure out how to get the same type of audit underway in Georgia.

And you have another Yahoo News article trying to criticize Taylor’s lack of use of commas and a bunch of Twitter users bashing the simplicity of her message, including one that referred to her as a “Christian nationalist” (is that supposed to have a negative connation?).

I immediately think of another simple message that carried our country quite far in days regretfully passed: Make America Great Again. Not only was it a simple message; it was made into reality…unless you love paying up the nose for gas, love tyrannical vaccine and mask mandates, love watching the value of your money plummet and hate world peace.

The Real Deal About the United States, Slavery and Abortion

I also saw a comment on Taylor’s Twitter that referred to Jesus as a “fictional character” and that America was “founded on slavery.” Now I won’t get into historical proof that Jesus existed, and it is hard for most Christians who have felt Jesus in their heart to explain how that happens to someone who hasn’t reached a point in their life where they want to work on building that type of faith relationship. But I think it is worth pivoting to a highly respected American president who loved God and country, and was the Republican to call for the end of slavery: Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln believed that the Civil War was God’s judgement upon America for the sin of slavery, saying that if God creates “woe unto the world because of offenses… (and) if we shall suppose that American slavery is one of those offenses,” then “He gives to both North and South this terrible war as the woe due to those by whom the offense came.” Slavery was indeed ended, at least the slavery occurring that time, specific mostly to African Americans. And this was followed by a civil rights movement that enacted numerous pieces of legislation for years to come.

Slavery wasn’t just an American problem, it was a worldwide problem that began nearly 9,000 years ago, according to And in fact America ended slavery before countries like West Africa, according to Sandra Greene, Professor of African History at Cornell University. An article from also discusses how slavery in other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, India, Sierra Leone and Yemen, didn’t end until the 20th century (after it had been abolished in America).

And just as that abhorrent evil to the African American race was ended years ago, now there’s a movement to end another evil that has led to more African American babies in New York City being aborted than being born alive: the institution of abortion. This seems to be where the real systemic racism lies, at least regarding African Americans. It’s a well-documented fact that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, had a plan to exterminate the African American race. And according to the Washington Examiner, census data shows that “Since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973, abortion has killed an estimated 20 million black babies — more than the entire black population of 1960.” In Kandiss Taylor, we have a candidate who is willing to stand up for her beliefs about abortion, and not back down when she’s offered a payday by the establishment to soften her stance. Could that possible be attributed to…God? No, no that’s crazy. Jesus? Now that’s full-blown insanity!

Here’s the million-dollar question: If Taylor’s message is so basic and short-sighted, then why is the mainstream media trying so hard to suppress her message? Why is YouTube making her videos unsearchable? And why are they making such desperate attempts to control the masses and warp people’s minds about the three American principles her campaign is based on? Because the media and the Washington establishment know that the second people actually listen to Taylor for themselves, her genuine nature will be unmistakable to them. Then it’s all over, and there’s no going back.

While Taylor is bashed for staying true to her faith and standing up for morality, and falsely accused of forgetting a comma (somehow I have a feeling she knows how to hit ‘spellcheck’), let’s look at what skeletons her opponents have in their closet, which the mainstream media chooses to stay quiet about.

Brian Kemp, His Odd Affinity for China, and Unbridled Willingness to Look the Other Way

To start, we have current Georgia governor Brian Kemp, and to dive deep into him would require an entire other article. But to try to keep it brief, his ties to China and Dominion/Smartmatic Voting Machines are concerning, given the widespread controversy over the issues that were found with these machines before, during and after the 2020 election. Furthermore, investigation into the background of Dominion has shown that they received $400 million the month before the November 3 2020 election in a deal brokered by UBS Securities LLC, whose board members include several Chinese financiers, who are tied to Communist Chinese military and intelligence agencies. UBS Securities LLC owns 51% of its Beijing-based sister company UBS Securities Co. Ltd, which is owned mostly by several Chinese investment firms with ties to the CCP government.

Kemp had several cozy meetings with the Chinese Consul around the time the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger signed the $107 million contract awarded to Dominion Voting Machines for their equipment to be used in the 2020 election. There are several other connections between China and Dominion Voting Machines that have been discovered since the 2020 election, including the fact that their machines and modems are manufactured in China, which the President and CEO of Dominion John Poulos admitted himself.

One of those meetings was July 12, 2019 at the Chinese consulate in Houston, TX, with Consul General Lian Qiangmin, which was several weeks before the Dominion contract was awarded. The article written about the meeting was reported in a Chinese newspaper based out of Atlanta, the Chinese Tribune, and the article has since been taken down but you can find it here in the archives. The second meeting was about two months later on September 10, 2019, and this meeting took place with Qiangmin’s replacement Consul General, Cai Wei, at the Governor’s Mansion in Atlanta. Another meeting with Cai Wei took place in early 2020, and this meeting took place at the consulate in Houston.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Chinese Consul Lian Qiangmin Image Credit:

Then that following summer the State Department shut down the Houston Consulate due to suspected espionage operations, including use of false identification by Chinese officials and theft of scientific research and other sensitive information. And here we have the New York Times again, in their full glory. While they did manage to report on this shutdown of the consulate, they made sure early in the article to insinuate the shutdown occurred because “President Trump’s campaign strategists, anxious about his failures on the pandemic, are pushing a comprehensive anti-China message in an appeal to Mr. Trump’s supporters.”

Brian Kemp can also be seen on video on Georgia’s Chinese website, desperately soliciting for Chinese investments. Kemp allowed the Secretary of State Raffensperger to certify an election despite widespread concern from Georgia lawmakers and citizens that the validity of the election results are highly questionable. He has failed to make any effort to initiate a full forensic audit of the 2020 election results. And the one time he did make a call for a full forensic audit, the following day Kemp’s daughter’s boyfriend died in a highly suspicious fiery car crash that caused the death of his daughter’s boyfriend.

The Good Ole’ Stacey Abrams and Her Infamous Consent Decree

We don’t even need to stop discussing Kemp to enter discussion of what should concern Georgia citizens about potentially having Stacey Abrams as their governor. First, we have the now-infamous consent decree, which stemmed from a lawsuit filed by Abrams and made it nearly impossible to verify signatures on ballots. The lawsuit claimed that minorities were disproportionately impacted when their ballots were rejected.

Surrea Ivy, candidate for Georgia House of Representatives, made a memorable statement at a February 13 campaign rally for Kandiss Taylor, where Ivy was asked to speak: “They say, well Kemp was the only one that could beat Abrams. But I can’t tell. Because as soon as [Kemp] got into office, she had him bent over the desk with a consent decree!” Ivy said that our current establishment politicians, whether they are Republican or Democrat, “will work within the confines of the law to try to circumvent the rights and privileges of the people. And that’s what we find ourselves in. We have found ourselves in a tit for tat in the state of Georgia.”

They say, well Kemp was the only one that could beat Abrams. But I can’t tell. Because as soon as [Kemp] got into office, she had him bent over the desk with a consent decree!

-Georgia Congressional candidate Surrea Ivy
Georgia Congressional candidate Surrea Ivy

Then, back in December 2020, we had the ruling from a judge who happened to be Abram’s sister, which blocked two Georgia counties from purging its voter rolls of roughly 4,000 allegedly inactive voters ahead of the following week’s runoff elections for U.S. Senate. And then we have the fact that it is well-documented that Abrams receives most of her campaign funds from George Soros, who is very cozy with Dominion Voting Machines, just like Kemp (and the Clintons, and Nancy Pelosi, and the list goes on and on).

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams Image credit:

The Democrat Plant, and the Perdue Dynasty

It’s probably a good thing that Democrat-turned-Republican Vernon Jones dropped out of the race, because the press would have had a hard time getting around the obligation to report on his history of accusations of sexual assault and misconduct towards women. And our final choice for Georgia governor, as of right now, is David Perdue, who didn’t bother to fight for his own Senate seat in January of 2021. He didn’t do anything to have the potential fraud investigated, after there were issues that raised red flags on the day of the runoff election, January 5. And shortly thereafter, he announced he was getting out of the political arena. Doesn’t sound like he’s very passionate about the people of Georgia. He couldn’t even be bothered to show up for one of his debates prior to the 2020 election. Perdue is also a career politician, and he’s the first cousin of Georgia’s former governor Sonny Perdue, who was also cozy with China. At the time Sonny Perdue was serving as Georgia governor, Chinese media even picked up on his affinity for the Communist country and coined the current status quo in Georgia to be “China fever.”

“We’ve had enough of the Perdues in Georgia; it’s not a dynasty,” says Taylor referring to the history of political families being in office, and the dire need for a change of pace in the governor’s seat. “When I was running for U.S. Senate [back in 2020], I was running for the other seat, for the Isaacson seat, and he never showed up. He would send a campaign person that he was paying, and they would speak on his behalf, but David never came. Never. He had a bus, that he paid for, that was like $2,000 a day, that he used like 2 weeks. And he was on it like two or three times, in the two weeks,” Taylor recalls.

“He waited until the very last possible minute to come out that he was going to run in December, and President Trump had been asking him for six months, and I don’t know what kind of deal they cut for him to run, but he didn’t fight for his seat. He didn’t campaign when he was running for his seat. And then it was like ‘well I’ll run for governor because I can stop Stacey and Brian Kemp.’ I mean, are you running for the people of Georgia? Are you running to represent us, are you running to be a public servant for us? No. You’re running to stop Stacey? Who believes that…I don’t,” shrugs Taylor.

Georgia gubernatorial candidate David Perdue cozies up to current governor Brian Kemp Image credit:

Jesus, Guns and Babies: A Slogan for the Ages

People have started to see through these politicians that put so much effort into being politically correct, and crafting fancy messages that they think will butter up the public and tell them what they want to hear. Citizens in Georgia, and all across America just want someone real and transparent. Someone like Kandiss Taylor.

In conclusion, Taylor’s campaign manager, Bryant Maude, a veteran who served 26 years in the U.S. Army and Air Force, sums up the national hysteria over “Jesus, guns and babies,” quite well:

“Jesus, guns and babies will go down as the greatest campaign slogan in American politics. These three words are a battle line between left and right. Jesus is the most recognizable name in history, the second amendment is the only amendment left in America, and babies are being slaughtered at the hands of abortion mills faster than the Marxist communists starved Ukrainians in the 1930s.”

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