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Despite being relatively absent in the world of music, Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj has been more than present in the field of activism. Last week, the artist took to Queen Radio in which Minaj discussed a tweet stating that women do not exist solely to please men. However, Minaj took the topic further by discussing how this issue has affected more than simply women.

“Dear Black Men, I f*cking love you”, Minaj tells Queen Radio. Dear Black men, you are needed and wanted, and dear Black men, you are the only men on this planet that, as little boys, you don’t get to be nurtured and treated like a child, like a baby, like someone’s thing that needs to be loved and hugged and kissed and told that we love you.”

The rapper then incorporates her experience raising her son “Papa Bear” and explains how crucial parenting is to “molding” a child’s success. “The problem [with parenting] is that a lot of time, especially Black men, they’re not even allowed to show their emotion”, she says. “They get told, oh you gotta man up, and you gotta do this sh*t and you gotta do that sh*t. You gotta be the f*cking man of the house before you even… You know what I’m saying? A lot of times, the man needs to be treated like that, ladies! You know how we nurture our sons and our children, and we just adore them and kiss on them? They want that, they need that too. So, I just wanna make sure that I let Black men know for the rest of their lives – I love you, and we need you.”

Minaj concludes her argument by saying” “So many of you guys didn’t f*cking feel loved and nurtured at the most important time in your lives. Don’t let a couple of Caucasian idiots tell y’all otherwise. People ought be spewing this sh*t to others. This is the real message”.

Nicki Minaj has been recently criticized in the media for showing her resentment for the COVID vaccine and keeping others safe. However, this interview shows how mature the artist has become from raising Papa Bear and how America still has a long road ahead to achieve equality. As one of her song titles states, this is what it will take for people of color to start “Feeling Myself”. 

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