Brian Straw is expanding on the thoughtfully-crafted world he created on his debut album, Baby Stars/Dead Languages, with the release of “Silent Partner,” a mellow bonus track that describes his growth since he quit drinking due to a struggle with alcoholism. It’s brimming with succinct frustration and conflicting emotion that will have you rooting for Straw from the first gentle guitar strums.

“I wrote this song early on after I quit drinking when I was feeling lost,” Straw admits. “The range of emotions I was juggling at the time is on display. Heartache and hope intertwine. Moving away from pain and learning to embrace the now is a theme. ‘At 42 I’m remembering what to do, gauge my worth to Earle’s Transcendental Blues’ is a nod to Steve Earle and my goals as a songwriter. This is a song of transition and the journey to becoming who I am.”

Straw has been making music for decades, but once alcoholism threatened his career, he couldn’t pursue his passion as fully as he hoped. But now, as Baby Stars/Dead Languages documents his path to recovery and back to music, he’s finally getting his second act and the recognition that he and his soulful work deserve. 

It’s a moving story that’s full of life and color, and to fully understand it, it’s probably best to see it played live. Luckily, Straw is taking the album on a mini U.S. tour this spring! 

Be sure to grab your tickets to a show and connect with Brian Straw on Facebook and Instagram! What do you think of “Silent Partner” and the rest of Baby Stars/Dead Languages? Let us know in the comments below or link up with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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