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Gaithersburg, Maryland-An anonymous high school teacher was prompted by her children to stop at Royal Farms in Churchton for fried chicken for lunch when the mother got more than she bargained for. While ordering her food, her children suggested she purchase a few $5 scratch-off lottery tickets from the machine. While reluctant to at first, the teacher found that her scratch-off ticket had won her $50,000, according to the store clerk!

When she called her husband about the accomplishment, he did not believe her until both her children and the store clerk confirmed it. “My kids were celebrating in excitement, a few customers in the restaurant were congratulating me and my husband was in complete disbelief”, the teacher told reporter Wade Sheridan. “We bought crab legs and fried chicken in celebration-my children’s favorite”.

The teacher continues, “I called work to let them know I wouldn’t be coming in because I had an appointment at the Lottery to claim a ticket, and they said that was the best Monday excuse they had ever heard.” Her husband (and a few faculty members at the school) quickly accompanied her to lottery headquarters to claim her prize.

According to the teacher, the money will be donated entirely towards college savings for her kids. “I couldn’t have done it without them”, concludes the teacher.

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