I was scrolling through my news feeds and I ran across a post that caught my attention.

“If a fetus is a person at six weeks pregnant, is that when the child supports starts? Just figured if we are going here we should go all in.”

This topic of abortion has come up many times in my life. I always try to avoid it because it is always going the same way and no one ever changes their minds. You’re there for it or against it.

I’m sitting around a table with my friends at the pub and someone starts this conversation. My brother will always say it’s a woman’s choice. Blah blah blah few other people will just agree and then someone will say, Justin what do you think? My response is, you don’t want to know what I think. And they will push I will say I am for life, totally against abortion.

No matter who it is, their first response is:“You don’t think if a woman was raped she should have the right to an abortion?” It never fails.

After seeing this post I decided to write my thoughts and opinions so the next time the conversation starts up I can refer them to this article and we no longer have the need to argue because you won’t change my mind. I won’t attempt to change yours.

Since this is my last comment on the subject I will fully disclose my case and my opinions and any factual information I can find to back up my views and opinions.

I believe we are all spiritual beings trapped in a physical world for a limited time only. That we are energy transferred from generation to generation. Our entire life from beginning to past end our physical body is constantly passing energy back and forth.

We start dependent upon our mother’s energy, after we are born we consume our energy from plants and animals, and after we die we return what we have left to the worms and the plants. A constant trade-off of energy. I believe every life is precious but I will get further into that later.

Let’s start with, when is a person alive? The actual beginning of their life.

Your parents, they meet. Probably at a bar, maybe a McDonald’s, or possibly a gas station bathroom for a good time. When the sperm leaves your father into your mother it has up to six days to reach the egg to make fertilization. Six days.

I don’t know about you but if my ass is swimming in a pool for six days and I get a heartbeat in 4 weeks and someone say o he ain’t alive I’m gonna be pretty pissed off.

There is such a thing as sperm competition. Where one male sperm will kill a competing other male donates sperm in competition over the egg. Crazy huh? My question to you, is, how can one thing kill another if both are considered not to be alive? At least not considered to be alive by someone who plans to abort the situation regardless.

So when does life begin for a human? My opinion. In the sack of their father before ejaculation.You can look at your hand guys, yup you might be a serial killer.

Let’s move on. At five to six weeks a heartbeat can be detected. Between five and seven weeks; arms and legs start to sprout. 7 weeks; eyes. At 27 weeks the eyes can open and close. At sixteen weeks you can start to feel the baby move. Kick. At 280 days or 40 weeks congratulations you have made a whole new human being.

So far that I have read normal abortions can be carried out up to 24 weeks pregnant and in special circumstances maybe even later.  

1 percent of women get an abortion because they became pregnant through rape and .5 percent because of incest. Read that at the USA today posted 2019.

That’s why I try to avoid the rape conversation. It’s not that I don’t feel bad for any victim but to have your entire debate over abortion on just 1% is a very uneven factual debate. How many people, and generations of families are here because of a bad thing happening to them. How many people would not be on this planet had that bad thing not occurred?

No one can answer that. How many doctors and lawyers are being extinguished before they even have a chance at life? It’s not just a death it’s the loss, total loss of potential for whoever that person may have become, regardless of how it occurred.

I cannot begin to imagine the amount of guilt and shame a normal human being is feeling walking in and out of an abortion clinic. I can’t begin to fathom the thoughts of the people that support and even advertise and sell abortions. It’s crazy.

When did we get so lost and confused as a people to think that it’s okay to take a life? I try to avoid this debate every time it arises because I am ashamed of how my friends, co-workers people I love debate it with such ease and discontent. I am ashamed for you.

I don’t want any confusion on my part about my beliefs.

If you are that 1% or .5% or you have a medical condition and you are faced with this difficult decision, it is not my place to judge you. I do believe it is your right to have a choice in that matter, but it is not my business and I don’t want to know. I feel for your choice and situation.

There are too many precautions and contraceptives for me to feel any remorse or regret for anyone who is just being irresponsible.

Now I will tell you about my life, and why I believe in life and hope.

When Ethan was born I was working two minimum wage jobs at different fast food places. I never made it past the ninth grade in high school. In my early twenties, I lived in my car waiting tables and flipping hamburgers. I thought to myself. What kind of life do I have to offer this person? Hardship, struggle, a life of barely making it week to week, starvation. I wasn’t prepared.

He changed my entire life. The way I carry myself and act, to even the things I eat. Being a father has been my greatest joy in life. I wouldn’t be the person I am today had he not come along. I live my life to see him happy, smiling. He will be 14 this year, he talks about girls and basketball and we still eat ice cream for breakfast on Saturday morning watching cartoons. Playing with Lego at 30 was awesome.

Sometimes what we think is the worst thing that can happen to us turns out to be our greatest legacy. Don’t cut something out before it has the chance to grow into that. It is our job as parents and human beings to protect the next generation.

If you feel the same way as I do, feel free to refer your friends and family to this article the next time the situation arises. We don’t need to argue and you will not change my mind. If you’re for abortion, keep it to yourself, and let the rest of us enjoy our evening.

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