Bus Driver Blacks Out Behind Wheel; Injures 38

Stanford, CT: A Stanford residence is left in ruins after bus driver Jinhuan Chen swerves his vehicle off-road and head-first onto the property. His actions were not intentional, however, as investigators called to the scene frisked the driver to find a bag of THC gummies. It was concluded that Chen had overdosed on these gummies causing him to lose consciousness while driving and crash the vehicle.

According the police report, Chen was driving 38 passengers from Mohegan Sun Casino to Bridgeport in Connecticuit when one of the passenger reported he saw the driver eating something “suspicious” before losing syncarpy. The specific name of the substance was “Smokies Edibles Cannibis Infused Fruit Chews”.

“I swear I didn’t know it was marijuana”, said Chen. His brother Victor Chen, defends his claim saying “He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, but has a sweet tooth and likes candy. He picked up a bag of candy at a local supermarket and didn’t know it had marijuana in it. This would never have happened a couple years ago, but now marijuana is everywhere”.

Fortunately, no murders have been reported. Still, Chen has been charged with drug possession, property damage and first degree reckless endangerment of the 38 bus passengers. He is held on a $25,000 bond with an August 23 court date. We are unsure of the validity in Chen’s statement, but we are certain that marijuana is everybody’s problem whether they are drug users or not.

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