Shotgun smoking.

In active shooter events, authorities have had to resort to using Twitter and social media to tell the public about the situation.

H.R.6538 – Active Shooter Alert Act of 2022

This bill requires a designated officer of the Department of Justice to act as the national coordinator of an Active Shooter Alert Communications Network regarding an emergency involving an active shooter.

The bill sets forth duties of the coordinator, including to work with state, tribal, and local governments to encourage coordination of various elements of the network. The coordinator must also encourage federal, state, local, and tribal government agencies to establish procedures for responding to active shooters.

Finally, the bill requires the Government Accountability Office to study and report on state and local responses to active shooters and situations requiring the issuance of a public alert or warning.

Shotgun smoking.

We thought this was very late in the game so we found photos showing the history of the American school shooting epidemic. It covers Columbine High School located in Colorado to up until Robb Elementary School located in Texas. Watch our gallery below.

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