#CultureVultures Community Arts Event In Brooklyn Brings Mental Health Awareness To Young Black Professionals in Brownsville – FREE RSVP

We spoke with the event curators Indie Circus, a independent record label and event promotions brand in Brooklyn, New York. The brand is the brainchild of Tahyira and Frank Arias, two performers from Los Angeles. When they moved back months before the pandemic, they launched Indie Circus as a way to give back to the communities that had embraced their art dreams. They used to work as a team running an open mic brand in Brooklyn from 2011 until 2018 when they moved to Hollywood. Frank is an actor. Tahyira is a musical artist. They both were born in Brooklyn.

TREMG: What are you expecting to see at the event this upcoming Sunday called Culture Vultures?

Indie Circus Team: It’s lit! We are really excited to see this collection of artists from all walks. We love that our hosting partner, 212 and co, is helping us to bring these vibes outdoors so the sounds can fill up ‘our hood’.

TREMG: How did you find the artists and vendors?

IC Team: Instagram! We put out a call to like maybe two friends and in like 2 days it was filled. We have been doing it a while but still felt it was a gap since our last show in Harlem back in September but it was great to see that response. It only means more events like these are valuable and brings positivity to our neighborhoods.

TREMG: Wow, yes the power of social media is real. Are you expecting any special guests?

IC Team: We did invite a few spiritual leaders to come attend and if inclined – free to speak to our community about safety, in particular gun violence.

The NYPD has said the rates of violence in the streets of New York City has gone down since the Summer of 2021. These events help promote that cause even when it isn’t trending, it is important for Black community members to feel safe.

TREMG: We cover a lot of local events. How important is the power of community in today’s climate?

IC Team: It’s the only thing we can do. We all need each other to band together in times of crisis like the pandemic we survived. Many did not. We use music and art as a bandage to our mental health struggles, but it is time for us to begin collective healing as well. We are big mental health advocates, our clothing brand, Forever Urban New York, focuses on social stigmas.

Check out the local vendors and performers by tapping the link next to their photo.

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