Damn Gina.

The annual event takes place in Piedmont Park, a public space where guns are permitted, and a short-term tenant of that property can’t enforce its own ban

As reported by The Rolling Stones, Live Nation did not officially give a reason for the cancellation, sources who worked with the festival confirmed to Rolling Stone that Georgia’s gun laws were to blame. Since 2011, Music Midtown has taken place at Piedmont Park in Atlanta, and parks are among the various public spaces in Georgia where guns are allowed to be carried. 

We found a pretty gross feed showing the local Fox News station in Atlanta responding to a comment received on their story on Facebook.

We also thought it was pretty funny but mass shootings are now considered a “leftist” issue in the U.S.

According to the Atlanta news outlet SaportaReport, Music Midtown’s gun ban was informally challenged in May by Phillip Evans, a gun rights advocate in the state. The month before, Evans had actually lost a court case against the Atlanta Botanical Garden over its right to ban guns from its property. Evans first brought this challenge in 2014, not long after then-Governor Nathan Deal signed a new state law — that had become known as the “guns everywhere” bill — which expanded where guns were permitted throughout the state.

We found some of Mr. Evans ideology.

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