Doritos Mustard and Katchup Flavors Review: Is It Worth It?

As the summer draws to a close, Doritos is commemorating the occasion with a final barbecue classic: new flavors in Classic Katchup and Spicy Mustard. While these flavors were only available in Canada since their introduction last year, the corporation has agreed to bring these flavors abroad to the states, albeit there are “limited quantities available for a limited time”. However, that didn’t stop us from strolling through our local supermarket and taking a package home to taste.

With no sale, both the Classic Katchup and Spicy Mustard flavors rung up for $4.99 which is the typical cost of a bag of Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch Doritos. They were also, as the company stated, “in limited supply”. This may be because, according to reporter Danielle Harling, this duo, at the time of their introduction “can only be purchased on, a website that specializes in chips, cereal, and other cravable bites”.

When we first got home, we were unsure which flavor to try first. Both condiments have two very different tastes: mustard is spicy and a bit tangy while ketchup tastes like tomatoes. Either way, the idea of mustard and ketchup in a Doritos made us uncomfortable and uncertain, but we decided to start with the Spicy Mustard flavor.

The chip itself was colored yellow-similar to mustard itself. After taking a bite of it, the spiciness already got to our eyes and ears. It tasted more like the mustard found in Chinese food rather than a typical Hellman’s brand. It was very spicy but still carried that mustard-zang taste to the chip. It was still very crunchy, which slightly masked the taste of the mustard itself. While mustard isn’t our preferred condiment, this flavor wasn’t terrible and would consider purchasing again if still on the shelves.

We then tried Classic Katchup which the chip itself was colored exactly like their original Nacho Cheese flavor. The taste, of course, was entirely different with this chip carrying a rather tangy flavor, just like ketchup. It was very refreshing, even more so than Spicy Mustard, and perfect for next year’s summer barbecue.

Based on these samples of Spicy Mustard and Classic Katchup, we would argue that these flavors are worth the time and money. They are enjoyable, unique, and a nice addition to the Doritos lineup. Many fans would agree with comments such as “Perfect for my end-of-summer cookout. Doritos has launched yet another incredible flavor. You never cease to amaze me!” and “Now we just hot dogs with Doritos Spicy Mustard and Classic Katchup on them”.

Would you try these new flavors of Doritos? Let us know in the comments!

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