The Prodigy’s Maxim & Sir Jude join together for iconic collaboration

Melbourne marvel Sir Jude drives forward in her adrenaline-infused new single ‘Preach’ featuring Maxim of The Prodigy.


Digitalised throbs are ever-present in ‘Preach’, the latest addition from Sir Jude as she embarks on a journey of love, self-hood, heartbreak and hope in her forthcoming debut album Revelations. Enlisting electronic mastermind Maxim for the release, his distinct and iconic musical style elevates Sir Jude’s brooding vocal, amounting in a gritty pulsation of estranged alternative pop.

It was so brilliant working with Maxim. The Prodigy was incredibly influential to me. I remember my dad showing me Firestarter as a kid and being completely blown away. They pioneered that sound,” says Sir Jude. 

This single contributes to the visual story that culminates her pending debut album, Revelations, a body of work that represents a sonic journey of unravelling internalised misogyny and discovery of the self, pushing the boundaries of pop with lyrical prowess in its stride.

Maxim reached out at the height of the pandemic, a real “pinch me” moment for the budding artist. “As for the song, weeks before I had recorded a sample of my windscreen wipers on a really rainy night. The cadence was so interesting and I was completely drawn to the bouncy rhythm and the aggressive tones. Maxim was intrigued by its dark energy and we both agreed for the song to be tonally cutthroat, ethereal and aggressive with a message on self-love and independence.

Up until now, the release of Sir Jude’s debut EP Dreamlands 2020, featuring ‘What the Hell Have You  Done’, has collectively accrued over 250,000 streams and saw a feature on Spotify’s Fresh Finds  playlist.

Shortly after its release, her song ‘Mirror’ was synced to MTV‘s reality TV show, ‘Catfish’. More recently, ‘What the Hell Have You Done’ and ‘Because You’re Mine’ were spotted in Netflix UK’s  Series, ‘The A List’.

Her most recent single ‘Madonna’ was also showered in love, having been praised by the likes of The IndependentEARMILK and Wonderland who have pegged Sir Jude as one to watch in 2022 for her “ethereal vocals and experimental edge.

‘Preach’ is available on now.


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