She sat down with Gayle King for CBS Mornings and seemed to be taken back after Gayle listed a slew of her many accomplishments.

Click here to watch the show in your local territory. You can even submit to be on the show with a friend or family member.

Talk shows have been a long running plotline for entertainers who have amassed fame from multiple sources of talent, Tyra Banks had a show after her Top Model reality series went viral. Queen Latifah had a show, it lasted not very long but it proved that she had the star power to be welcomed into America’s kitchen. The longest and most successful talk shows are The Oprah Show and The Ellen Show. The Maury Show and The Jerry Springer Show have been on television for over 2 decades as well.

JHudd turns 41 years old today and what a way to celebrate, by having your own TV show. Her first guest is none other than her first tv induction, being kicked off a singing competition by Simon Cowell who passed on Hudson during her audition of American Idol. Cowell and Hudson have remained friends and the interview is going to be something to ah ha about.

JHudd vows to keep her fans entertained not only on tv but also in her on screen work.

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