Connecticut Resident Comes Home from Work and Finds….

Winsted, Connecticut-Resident Sharron Davis explains her bizarre recent encounter to WFSB TV: “I came home from work and my cat was shivering outside, staring in the window in an unusual way. I didn’t notice the screen was out and I saw a weird shadow walk by the window”.

Upon walking into the house, Davis was startled to find a wild brown bear roaming about the house. The bear could be seen peeking its head outside the window before walking into the kitchen and living room. Upon the sight, Davis ran downstairs for her neightbor (whose name remains anonymous).

“My neighbor started banging on the door to lure the bear outside”, says Davis. “The bear went into my room and climbed out of my house and away from the property. Thankfully, it didn’t cause too much damage. It tried to pull out a snack tray to find my vanilla wafers (laughs). That was it, thank goodness”.

It is still unknown how the bear managed to loiter on the property especially as bears were an “uncommon sight” where she lives. However, their population is steadily growing and sights like these may be more common in the future.  “It probably smelled the vanilla wafers and went looking for them” one user jokes on Twitter. “The bear knows what’s up!”

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