New Poll Shows Autumn As People’s Favorite Season; Here’s Why

The autumn season is upon us once again and we are not the only ones excited for the occasion. According to a poll by Country Living, Fall is voted as people’s #1 favorite season with about 34% of people who prefer Fall over Winter (23%), Spring (11%) and even Summer (30%). While each season has it’s own aspects, we have formulated our own reasons why autumn is superior to other seasons:

The Changing Weather: While the weather itself in autumn is an ideal temperature; not too hot and not too cold, it’s the actual change in weather that makes people adore Fall so much. After a scorching hot summer, feeling the cool breeze of the autumn wind is incredibly refreshing and makes us hopeful for more comfortable days ahead. The brisk air officially lets us know that the hot days are behind us and that Fall has begun and with it, lots of traditions such as…

Halloween and Thanksgiving: Two of the most cherished holidays occur in Autumn (only eclipsed by Christmas/Hannukah/ Kwanzaa). Fall is a time to celebrate these occasions whether through pumpkin picking and decorating our house for Halloween or through going apple picking and stuffing our face for Thanksgiving. While the weather compliments these holidays flawlessly, our Halloween and Thanksgiving traditions make us excited year-round for the time Fall comes around.

Breaking Out Autumn Clothes Again: Finally, after another Summer, it is appropriate to wear our favorite Fall-sweater once again or that plaid scarf that simply feels “special” to us. Beanies, mittens, sweatpants, autumn clothes always make us cozy especially when the weather gets colder in Winter.

Eating Autumn Foods Again: There’s a reason why Fall as associated with pumpkins. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin-everything is back in season. Even if you do not like the taste of pumpkins, nobody can deny the festive nature of the fruit and autumn exposes pumpkins in all their glory. Other autumn foods include apple pie and root vegetables such as squash and sweet potatoes. While summer barbecues are a fun method of gathering together as a family, Thanksgiving and other fall gathering is simply more seasonal.

Lighting Autumn Candles: According to the Yankee Candle company, the autumn season is the most popular season for Yankee Candle with “over $3 million dollars in Fall alone”. The reason for this is likely the seasonal candle scents such as Apple Cider and Spiced Pumpkin which fills our house with the scent of Fall. The smell is unique, euphoric, and relaxing and prepares us for the Fall season ahead. It is no surprise that Yankee Candle is so “lit” during this time!

Everyone has their own reasons why Fall is their favorite seasons, but these are a few examples. Regardless, it is hard to deny that Autumn is unlike any other season which is why Country Living ranks it as the most favored season of the year. Happy Autumn!

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