Putin vs Trump: Whose The Biggest Loser Game Continues As US officials sounds alarms on Nuclear Arms

George Stephanopoulos interviews White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan on “This Week.”

Both Donald Trump and Vladmir Putin are two men who cannot let go of the fact that they lose. The dictatorship mentality of political leadership has been increasing within the last two decades. Italy, just elected their most far-right leader since World War 2.

It’s not just Eastern and Western Europe, it’s also the United States of America. Last week, senate Republicans, nine of them to be exact voted to make sure another insurrection never happens again. “On January 6, the president had whipped up a mob, told them that the vice president could overturn the election, and a majority of the Republicans in this House voted to reject the decision made by American voters as reflected in the Electoral College, for no reason whatsoever other than sham fraud claims,” Democratic Representative Zoe Lofgren said during Wednesday’s House floor debate.

The bill passed with a vote count of 229 in favor to 203 against with nine republicans in support. You can read it here.

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